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23 GIFs That Embody the Year-End Fundraising Craze

Holiday fundraising comes with trials and tribulations that only nonprofits can understand. Here are 23 GIFs that perfectly capture the high stakes, chaos, and cheer that only comes once a year for hardworking fundraisers.

1. When you finally launch your year-end campaign

 2. When someone complains about your sudden ramp-up of messaging

Joey, from Friends. "I'm sorry"

3. When you send an email appeal before you realize the donate link is broken

Elf shouting, "no"

4.  When your soft launch has a slow start

Ape shouting, "go"

5. When you blow your #GivingTuesday campaign goal out of the water

Champagne spray

6. When your 40-hour work week becomes a 60-hour work week

Man asleep on floor

7. When you obsessively refresh your campaign page in hopes that the progress bar will increase

Spongebob staring patiently

8. When someone’s donation note makes you cry

woman crying

9. When a peer-to-peer fundraiser raises $10,000 in a week

Man shouting "thank you"

10. When your software allows you to easily send milestone updates to your peer-to-peer fundraisers during your holiday campaign

Woman gasping with delight

11.  When you move just a little bit closer to your goal

Minions celebrating

12. When a celebrity makes a massive contribution

Man falling over

13. When you only have six hours left in your fundraising year

Kramer shouting in surprise

14. When you spend your New Year’s Eve in a state of panic

Man having a panic attack

15. When you hear someone is donating just for the tax write-off

Woman dancing and saying, "good for you"

16. When your spouse asks when you’re going to have time to grocery shop

Woman saying, "I don't like you"

17.  When you tell your staff you locked in a sponsorship

Woman putting her sunglasses on

18. When your coworker brings you coffee in the morning

19.  When it’s finally appropriate to listen to holiday music at the office


20.  When it takes an hour to dig your car out of your driveway before you head to work

John Snow shivering

21.When someone says your campaign theme put them in the giving spirit

Man saying "thank you"

22.  When a good chunk of your December donors set up recurring gifts

Man saying, "did we just become best friends"

23.  When several gifts come in on January 1st


Is there anything we missed? Please let us know in the comments below!

  • Tracy Lynn Stanley

    Ellie, this is amazing!

    • Ellie

      Thanks for reading, Tracy! I’m glad you enjoyed the piece!

  • Alan Wilser

    Donor: Do you accept stock securities???
    Me: Ummmmm…. Give me 36 hours

    • Ellie

      Thanks for sharing, Alan! This is perfect! Ha!

  • Ethan Myerson

    When your CEO loves the end of year email you sent out with his name on it…

    • Ellie

      Haha! I love that one, thanks for sharing, Ethan!


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