23 GIFs That Embody the Year-End Fundraising Craze

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Holiday fundraising comes with trials and tribulations that only nonprofits can understand. Here are 23 GIFs that perfectly capture the high stakes, chaos, and cheer that only comes once a year for hardworking fundraisers during the year-end giving season.

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1. When you finally launch your year-end campaign 2. When someone complains about your sudden ramp-up of messaging3. When you send an email appeal before you realize the donate link is broken4.  When your soft launch has a slow start5. When you blow your #GivingTuesday campaign goal out of the water6. When your 40-hour work week becomes a 60-hour work week7. When you obsessively refresh your campaign page in hopes that the progress bar will increase8. When someone’s donation note makes you cry9. When a peer-to-peer fundraiser raises $10,000 in a week10. When your software allows you to easily send milestone updates to your peer-to-peer fundraisers during your holiday campaign11.  When you move just a little bit closer to your goal12. When you only have six hours left in your fundraising year13. When your CEO loves the end-of-year email that you ghostwrote for them14. When a celebrity makes a big contribution to your campaign15. When you tell your staff you locked down a sponsorship16. When your coworker brings in coffee in the morning17.  When your social media post gets re-shared by a top influencer18. When someone says your campaign theme put them in the giving spirit19. When a good chunk of your December donors set up recurring gifts20. When you call customer support and get an automated phone system…21. …Or an overseas agent22.  …Or you’re told you’re not eligible for support because you don’t pay enough23. …And then you talk with Classy customer support, who help you deal with all things related to your crazy year-end life


When the going gets tough, the tough get going. That’s not to say anyone should have to go through the journey alone though. If you’re feeling the year-end craze closing in on you, reach out to Classy’s in-house support team.

After working with thousands of nonprofits, we understand a lot of the pains your organization might be going through. To help get you through the year-end craze, we created the Classy Giving Tuesday Resource Center where you can download over 50 guides, checklists, templates, and more—for free! Check it out below:

Classy’s Giving Tuesday Resource Center

Editor’s Note: This post was updated on December 13, 2017


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