Giving Tuesday 2018: Donor Motivation Data You Need to Know

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Giving Tuesday 2017 brought in more than $300 million in online donations around the world, with more than $10 million raised on Classy alone. Recent Classy platform data also shows that nonprofit organizations acquire 3 to 5 more donors on Giving Tuesday than on a typical day. With so much action surrounding the global giving day, many nonprofit professionals are asking themselves, “How can we maximize our impact on Giving Tuesday 2018?”

While our Giving Tuesday hub has a library of resources to help your organization plan, prepare, and execute your campaign, there’s another piece of the puzzle that’s crucial to setting expectations for your campaign. In order to create S.M.A.R.T. fundraising goals and appeal to your supporters as efficiently as possible, you need to know why they donate.

To gain insight into the “why,” Classy conducted a survey* which polled 1,002 individuals 18 years of age or older in the United States. With the findings, we created a report, Why America Gives: How Current Events, Technology, and Seasonality Impact Donor Plans. Download the report:

Free Download: Why America Gives

Below we rounded up of some of the key data points that highlight how, why, and where Americans plan to donate for Giving Tuesday 2018.

Disaster Relief

donor motivation data 2018

nonprofit disaster relief

disaster relief statistic


political connection giving tuesday

political donor motivation data

politics giving tuesday

giving tuesday statistic

giving tuesday 2018 data

giving tuesday political data


technology and giving tuesday

giving tuesday 2018

giving tuesday stats


donation motivation

giving tuesday data points

giving tuesday 2018 donor data

The State of Modern Philanthropy

For more donor insights and data surrounding current giving trends, check out Classy’s recent report, The State of Modern Philanthropy.

*The survey focused on individuals’ intent to donate on Giving Tuesday and was fielded using the Qualtrics Insights Platform. The panel was sourced from Fulcrum by Lucid.  


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