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8 Unforgettable Golf Fundraiser Ideas

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Published May 9, 2023 Reading Time: 4 minutes

Golf fundraisers merge the love of sport with humanity’s inherent desire to do good. When it comes to fundraising for nonprofits, it’s a creative way for your organization to build an exciting event that also raises funds for your cause.

But where do you start?

Should you host an all-out charity golf tournament or a simple fundraiser at the local miniature golf course? Could you incorporate a live-auction component? And what about that Mulligan thing?

Below, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about golf fundraising to put on an unforgettable fundraising event.

What Is a Golf Fundraiser?

A golf fundraiser is a golf outing paired with fundraising to support a cause. That might be a silent auction for golf merchandise or an 18-hole charity golf tournament. The flexibility of a golf fundraiser means you can tailor it to your specific audience.

Catering to young families? Make it a miniature golf tournament. Want to respond to a recent outbreak of illness in your community? Transition to a virtual event and host an online auction. Want to engage golf enthusiasts? Partner with a pro to host a can’t-miss fundraising event.

Why Use Golf as a Way to Fundraise?

Close to 26 million Americans played on a golf course in 2022—that’s 8% of the total U.S. population.¹ Furthermore, golfers tend to have an average household income of $100,950.²

That said, golfers may be the perfect donors for your organization.

8 Golf Fundraising Ideas to Fuel Greater Giving

There are dozens of golf fundraising ideas to target your specific giving audience. Whether young families or serious golfers, we’ve got a quick list of the best golf fundraisers.

1. Charity Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Host a charity golf tournament fundraiser that requires participants to pay an entry fee to play. You could add other fun components, too, such as a hole-in-one contest or a putting contest.

Consider partnering with a golf resort to gain access to its course, parking lots, lodge, and equipment. If you pitch it right, your partner will see the benefit of advertising their course to your community during the event. Come prepared with refreshments, entertainment, and great prizes as well to ensure guests are comfortable all day.

2. Longest Drive

Line up at the local golf course or Topgolf location to see who can hit the longest drive. You could even incorporate this event into your charity golf tournament on a par 5 or par 6 hole.

Participants could donate for a certain number of attempts or earn their place in the competition through peer-to-peer fundraising. Once they raise a particular amount, they’re free to play.

3. Silent Auction

Accompany a tournament with a silent auction for golf merchandise and experiences. Merchandise may include classic items, like gloves, hats, shirts, pants, golf balls, bags, and clubs. You could also branch out and include experiences, such as:

  • Tickets to watch a live golf event
  • Lessons from a golf expert
  • Lunch with a local pro
  • Tee times at a nearby golf course
  • Exclusive access to a section of the driving range

Discover a Better Way to Host Silent Auctions

4. Caddie Rental

Let golfers rent a caddie for their day out on the course. This could be on their time or as part of your charity tournament fundraiser.

Your volunteers could carry clubs or drive golf carts for the golfers. It’s also a chance for your volunteers to build relationships with the donors, increasing the odds of repeat donations and spreading awareness of your cause.

5. Challenge the Pro

Invite the golf club’s local pro to volunteer for your event. Position this individual at one of the holes along the course and have golfers bet with the pro to see who can hit it closer to the cup. Golfers that win get paid double. If the pro wins the bet, the money gets donated to your nonprofit.

While the actual hole challenge might not be a huge donation driver, the pro’s presence may have a bigger impact. Including a local celebrity in your golf event could be reason enough for some participants to sign up.

6. Miniature-Golf Tournament

Partner with your local Putt-Putt course and host a tournament for the youngsters to show off their skills—see, fundraising ideas for kids don’t have to be a challenge.

Have prizes on hand for winners, holes-in-one, and the coolest shots—that way, every player can have a good time, regardless of their skill level.

And don’t forget about the parents. While some of them might prefer watching their kids compete, others may want to get in on the action. Consider hosting an adults-only miniature golf tournament later in the evening. This is a great way to engage members of your community that want to get involved but don’t have the experience to participate in a competitive golf challenge.

7. Hole Sponsorship

Sell sponsorships to local businesses for all 18 holes along the course of your charity tournament. Hole sponsors can have signage or a flag indicating their corporate sponsorship and give out prizes to golfers who swing under par for their specific hole.

8. Mulligans

Help out golfers when they’re in a bind with Mulligans—an extra chance to swing without hurting your score. Sell these at the time of registration, check-in, or on the course when a golfer has an emergency. Just be sure to set a limit so nobody exploits the system unfairly.

Achieve Your Goals With Classy’s Comprehensive Fundraising Tools

Successful golf fundraisers bring your donors to the table, but you still need fundraising tools to drive donations and simplify the giving process to put on a successful tournament. Fortunately, Classy has the unified solutions you need:

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