Holiday Fundraising Resources

By Sean Chisholm
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Ready to add peer to peer fundraising into your holiday fundraising strategy? We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you get your holiday p2p up and running as quickly and easily as possible!

How to Launch a Holiday Fundraising Campaign

  • We’ve put together all of the steps you need to take to get your Holiday p2p fundraising campaign up and running.
  • You’ll find step-by-step instructions on creating your new campaign, helpful Holiday tips, and default text to use for your fundraising pages and template emails!
  • Start putting together your campaign today!

Tips for Successful Fundraising

  • Keep your supporters on the right track by giving them the help they need to be successful fundraisers.
  • We’ve put together a simple tip sheet you can share with your fundraisers, to make sure everyone gets the most out of your Holiday fundraising campaign as possible!

P2P Fundraising: The Thin Line Between Success and Failure

  • New to p2p fundraising? Make sure you understand what animates a successful campaign before you get started.
  • Figure out how to empower your supporters to become better fundraisers.
  • Remember, their success means your success!

How to Engage & Empower a Community of Millennials

  • Younger supporters aren’t hesitant to start fundraising (71% of Millennials said they’ve fundraised for a nonprofit in the last year!)
  • You need to understand what motivates this crowd to tap into them effectively though.
  • Learn how to attract a younger demographic with your holiday campaign!
  • Not everyone is going to want to make a monthly donation, but when you can convert a monthly donor it’s worth it.
  • Recurring donors give more on an annual basis than one time donors do; they also stick around longer.
  • Discover the benefits of recurring donors and challenge your Holiday donors to show their support with a monthly contribution!

Have an Idea for a Fundraising Campaign?


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