How All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response Mobilizes Supporters Around the World

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All Hands and Hearts - Smart Response volunteers at work
Ellie Burke
Ellie Burke

Across all 50 states, and across all campaign types, All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response saw an average increase of nearly 10 times more donations year over year.

Here at Classy, we believe it’s essential to explore nonprofit success stories like this in order to surface best practices that might be applied across the entire industry. That’s one of the reasons why we created the Classy 100—an annual list of the top growing nonprofits on our platform.

This year, All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response topped the charts at the number one position on the entire list. They grew their gross transaction volume on Classy by 423 percent year over year.

How did they manage such incredible growth in a short year?

Visit the full Classy 100 list to read the full story and find out.

Ready, Set, Grow

For more information about All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response and their mission, check out the video below.


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