INFOGRAPHIC: Classy 100 By the Numbers

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graphic with text about the Classy 100 by the numbers

Nonprofit organizations of all sizes strive for fundraising growth in order to expand their programs and achieve their mission. Yet many nonprofits struggle to know where to start in their quest for growth. It helps to study and learn from the strategies of other organizations that have successfully increased their fundraising revenue. The Classy 100, nonprofits who achieved the most growth on the Classy platform in 2016, are outstanding models to learn from.

To help other organizations tap into their full fundraising potential, we analyzed the Classy 100’s fundraising data and asked them which strategies led to their success. Because the Classy 100 ranges from small startups to large, established organizations, this infographic offers valuable tips for all nonprofits. Use these findings to plan how your organization can create consistent growth and fuel your mission.

classy 100 nonprofit growth infographic

The Classy 100 list gives detailed analyses of each of the recognized organizations, in addition to their key growth levers. It also allows you to search by cause sector and annual revenue. Search for nonprofits like yours and download the handy guides and resources that show you how to create similar growth.


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