[INFOGRAPHIC] Cracking the Crowdfunding Code

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At this point, it’s no secret that online crowdfunding is an explosive industry. Kickstarter and Indiegogo have realized creative dreams while Fundly, GoFundMe and countless other sites are attributed to personal successes of everything from sending people on volunteer trips abroad to saving the lives of loved ones. The principles of crowdfunding practice and strategies are increasingly providing improvements and solutions to one of nonprofit organization’s biggest pain points: fundraising. Whether through online giving or peer-to-peer fundraising, the success of crowdfunding as a fundraising solution for nonprofits has skyrocketed.

The following infographic, compiled by Rad Campaign, details the power of both online fundraising and peer-to-peer fundraising. Of course, simply having an online fundraising outlet isn’t the end-all-be-all of success, but the potential it holds warrants consideration as a vital income source for any – and all – organizations.

[pullquote2 align=”center”] “Nonprofits who raise the most money via crowdfunding understand that online fundraising does not succeed by itself and they are thoughtful about outreach and marketing activities they need to perform in order to drive longterm success. They already have engaged supporters that care deeply about the organization and its mission.”

– Sean Chisholm, Director of Marketing at StayClassy [/pullquote2]

crowdfunding by the numbers infographic

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Image Credit: Lenny Hirsch

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