INFOGRAPHIC: Generational Giving

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animated image displaying the different generations

Different generations of donors tend to be driven by varying motivations and giving preferences. As a nonprofit organization, it’s helpful to understand generational giving differences in order to create tailored communications materials for each audience and engage with them effectively.

When you better understand the interests and habits of each generation, you might even discover a new age demographic to actively target and build your fundraising strategy around.

The following infographic breaks down key characteristics and giving trends for each generation and even sheds light on the very near future of giving—Generation Z. Use these data points to build an informed engagement strategy that fuels your organization’s fundraising efforts.

Generational Giving infographic


As Generation Z enters the workplace, we’ll likely see further shifts in generational giving trends. This young generation’s consciousness of the world around them seems to fuel a desire to improve their communities. Despite generational giving differences, an increasing number of minds are focused on solving social problems, moving us closer to a better world everyday.

Interested in learning more about the millennial generation that represents 11 percent of total giving? Download the guide below to learn how to build an effective strategy that inspires this generation to give.


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