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INFOGRAPHIC: Mobilize Millennials for Your Cause

mobilize millennials

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Published August 30, 2016 Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Millennials are the future of philanthropy. No social impact organization can afford to ignore this massive audience with a passion for social good and global connection. A new generation of social sector leaders is emerging and as these young adults advance in their careers, their giving power will only grow. Organizations that engage them now will see big rewards in the future.

We’ve combed through surveys and reports from the Pew Research Center, the Millennial Impact Report, The New York Times, and more to find the most important insights for nonprofits who want to appeal to and engage with millennials. We’ve gathered what you need to know in this handy infographic.

Read on to find out what causes millennials love, their preferred communication channels, and how they can support your mission.

mobilize millennials infographic

Now is the time to start nurturing lifelong relationships with the next generation of supporters, volunteers, and donors.

It’s very important to communicate with millennials in the ways they want to be reached. Having an up-to-date mobile-responsive website and donation pages are key, along with making appropriate asks.

Even if much of the younger generation can’t make large gifts quite yet, you can show millennials that small gifts and other forms of engagement make a big difference for your cause. This generation is a huge pool of advocates just waiting to be welcomed into your mission.

millennial concert

The Guide to Millennial Giving

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Learn how top nonprofits use Classy to power their fundraising.

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