INFOGRAPHIC: A Nonprofit Storytelling How-To

Nonprofit storytelling can be a powerful tool to recruit and motivate donors. Even more than shocking statistics, a story can spur someone to help because it makes the cause more real and elicits more sympathy from potential supporters.

To tap into the power of storytelling, you need to know how to construct a story and communicate it to your audience. This infographic walks you through the steps of telling an effective impact story.

nonprofit storytelling infographic

There are all kinds of stories, but when you break them down, they all include basic elements like character and conflict. Now that you’ve seen how it’s done, start outlining your nonprofit’s story with this free storytelling worksheet. It helps you write your own impact story, step by step.

Fill in the worksheet with your own details and use it to brainstorm and plan emails, blogs, and appeals.

Tell Your Story Worksheet

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