INFOGRAPHIC: A Nonprofit Storytelling How-To

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graphic of mountains and an octopus

Nonprofit storytelling can be a powerful tool to attract and motivate donors. A story can spur someone to take action because suddenly the cause is more than just an abstract idea—it’s a real situation affecting real people. Because of the identifiable victim effect, when you put faces to those being impacted rather than referring to general people groups, supporters can form genuine connections with your cause and be more willing to help. A deep emotional connection is a strong motivator to not only donate, but to become the ultimate champion for an organization: a loyal donor, fundraiser, and lifetime supporter.

To reap the benefits of storytelling, you need to know how to construct a story and effectively communicate it to your audience. This infographic walks you through the steps of telling a powerful impact story.

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nonprofit storytelling infographic

When you leverage storytelling to engage audiences and attract donors, those supporters are likely immediately more invested than if they had simply read a mission statement. Whether you choose to tell stories through written word, photo, video, or a combination, make sure you include the elements outlined above.

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