INFOGRAPHIC: How It Pays to Retain Giving Tuesday Donors

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graphic sketches of a treasure chest a pie and a heart on a hook

Giving Tuesday is one of the largest giving days in the United States and it’s now a worldwide giving phenomenon.

While our recent report, The State of Modern Philanthropy, revealed Giving Tuesday activities effectively drive new donor acquisition, the true power of the day lies in the potential for long-term support. A nonprofit’s ability to fold new donors into their community and develop them into lasting supporters transforms Giving Tuesday from a singular anomaly to a funnel that fuels efforts year-round. Unlike on some platforms, such as Facebook, on Classy, nonprofits are able to acquire donor information that allows them to nurture new relationships.

The infographic below showcases why your mantra on Giving Tuesday needs to go beyond just the word “attract”—it also needs to include, “retain.”

Infographic on the subject of Giving Tuesday donor retention

How do you plan to nurture your Giving Tuesday donors? Download The State of Modern Philanthropy 2019 to get key retention insights:

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For more Giving Tuesday-specific resources, check out our Giving Tuesday resource center. If you have any other ideas, we’d love to hear about your tactics in the comments below.


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