INFOGRAPHIC: Trends Among the 2016 Classy Awards Finalists

2016 Classy Awards Finalists Infographic

In an era in which impactful social solutions often look nothing like their predecessors, it’s worth understanding what types of organizations are behind them. The way these innovators approach their work can push boundaries in the sector and elevate the perspectives of those around them. The 100 Classy Awards Finalists represent this top echelon of change-makers and leaders who are solving the world’s most challenging problems through innovation.

Selected from 1,300 nonprofit and social enterprise programs after a year-long evaluation process, these 100 Finalists provide a pool of data on the best and brightest in the sector. In order to gain insights into the future of the social impact space, we took a deep dive into the Finalists’ Nomination Profiles, the application forms submitted for each program to be considered for a Classy Award.

Check out the infographic below to learn some of the trends among the most innovative nonprofits and social enterprises of 2016.

infographic classy awards finalists

We’re proud to introduce the most innovative organizations in the space and showcase their groundbreaking work. For a deeper look into their solutions, check out the full list of the 100 Classy Awards Finalists.

Meet the 2016 Classy Awards Finalists


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