INFOGRAPHIC: Trends in Workplace Giving

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graphic of a stapler a cup of coffee a tape dispenser and a briefcase all getting liked

It’s human nature to want your work to mean something. That’s why many employees seek to join organizations that reflect their personal values and ideals.

One way employees identify an organization’s values is through its benefit programs. Apart from the standard perks like additional PTO and fitness programs, more and more people look to their employers for opportunities to give back to society.

Through workplace giving programs, you give staff members the chance to make a considerable impact. Each year, these programs collectively raise around $4 billion.  When you offer benefits that are tied to giving you can:

  •  Create a culture of generosity
  • Engage employees
  • Communicate your core values to your staff
  • Shed a positive light on your brand

Check out the different types of workplace giving opportunities you can set up at your organization in the infographic below.

infographic workplace giving


Speak to your employees about which workplace giving opportunities they’d enjoy the most before setting up your program. When you review your policies and program on a regular basis, you can develop a strong understanding of your collective impact, communicate it to your team effectively, and build a more engaged workforce.


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