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Insights on How to Thank Donors, the Right Way


By Chelsea Alves

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This piece is the third in a year-end series rounding up our best posts on a few of 2015’s most popular topics. We recently covered how to throw a successful fundraising campaign and are secrets for creative fundraising ideas. Keep an eye out for more links throughout the week that share best practices and inspiring ideas that made 2015 such a success.

Donor retention is at the forefront of every nonprofit organization’s strategy, yet sometimes it’s easy to forget how far a simple “thank you” can go. Learn how to steward your donors and turn them into lifelong supporters with just two simple words.

It’s Always a Good Time to Say “Thank You”

The holidays are an important time for fundraising but it shouldn’t be the only time you thank your donors. Whether you write it, film it, or tweet it, here are some easy ways to thank your donors year-round.

15 Creative Ways to Thank Donors

Throwing a cultivation event, calling out donors on social media, and filming an appreciation video are just a few ways to creatively thank your donors. Here are 12 more meaningful ways to say thanks and continue to grow your relationships with your supporters.

INFOGRAPHIC: The ULTIMATE Thank You for Nonprofits

A thank you message is a chance to deliver the warm feelings of goodwill that drive people to give. This infographic will help you deliver the kind of thank you that will leave your donors feeling appreciated.

What Makes a Good Thank You?

Every element of your thank you counts. From the timing to the tone of your message, here’s how to make your thank you that much more impactful.

Build Donor Loyalty With an Awesome Thank You

Adding a personal touch, customizing your messaging for different groups of donors, and sharing donor impact can help build donor loyalty. Read more best practices to adopt when it comes to showing appreciation for your supporters.

Thanking Donors: It’s Not Manners, It’s Science

Dr. Monica Bartlett of Gonzaga University and Dr. Lisa Williams of the University of South Wales suggest that simply thanking someone may make them feel more willing to continue interacting with you. Learn more about their behavioral research to learn what prompts people to give.

The Most Effective Follow Ups for Nonprofit Events and Campaigns

There are three main elements for following up on a fundraising campaign: saying thank you, gathering information, and sharing results. Learn more about how each of these tools can be used to build an effective follow-up process.

Want Donors to Give Again? You Must Read This

It’s a question many nonprofit organizations find themselves asking, “How do we retain our donors?” The question exists because many nonprofits struggle to keep their donor retention rates high. Combat donor attrition by following these best practices.

4 Ways to Follow Up With Your Donors in the New Year

Your year-end turnout may have been a great success, however more than 70 percent of all first-time donors fail to give again the next year. With the new year quickly approaching, follow these four creative follow-ups to encourage your donors to give again.

Start your new year off right with a donor retention strategy that includes thanking your new and existing donors in the right way and at the right time. When you use creative approaches to say thank you throughout the year, and show the impact your donors have helped create, you can capture their attention, pull at their hearts, spark excitement, and help to build the foundation for a lasting relationship.

Turn New Donors Into Lifelong Supporters

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