[Interactive Map] How Charitable is Your State?

Here at Classy, we work with nonprofits all over the country, but we know that the culture of giving can vary from place to place. WalletHub, an online community for sharing financial knowledge, recently posted their rankings of the most and least charitable states in America.

WalletHub determined their rankings by eight different metrics, including the percentage of adjusted gross income donated, the number of charities per capita, and the volunteer rate. They create this great interactive map, so you can hover over your state to see where it falls in the rankings:

Top 5 Most Charitable States

1. Utah
2. South Dakota
3. Idaho
4. Kansas
5. Nebraska

Top 5 Least Charitable States

1. Nevada
2. West Virginia
3. Kentucky
4. New Jersey
5. Arizona

To see the full list and more details, check out WalletHub’s blog post and infographics, right here.

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