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Published January 12, 2021 Reading Time: 4 minutes

We’re proud to partner with Charity Dynamics to bring you an integration with Boundless Fundraising™, connecting your Classy peer-to-peer fundraising platform or registration with fundraising campaigns to a custom-built mobile app that allows your supporters to fundraise effortlessly on the go.

It’s a user-friendly experience for participants with all levels of fundraising expertise, from first-time event attendees to your veteran supporters. Fundraisers can log into their Boundless Fundraising app using their Classy login info to edit, promote, and manage their fundraising pages. Through our online fundraising platform’s many features and overall convenience, participants can easily raise more money for your cause.

Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, this mobile solution comes equipped with several powerful fundraising capabilities.

Why Did We Team Up With Boundless Fundraising?

With ever-increasing demand for digital forms of engagement and mobile-ready platforms, today’s event participants expect apps as an extension of the fundraising experience. In addition, today’s peer-to-peer fundraising events rely heavily on online giving campaigns. Technology needs to reflect that shift to better support fundraisers. 

Boundless Fundraising is the leading event fundraising mobile app used by the world’s most successful nonprofits. It’s designed to turn participants into power fundraisers by automating their outreach across mobile and social channels. Through Classy’s integration with Boundless Fundraising, your nonprofit can provide your supporters with more options to allow them to succeed as fundraisers. 

This integration’s value is also supported by data. In comparison to their peers that did not utilize the Boundless Fundraising platform, Charity Dynamics found that the average Boundless Fundraising Mobile App user generated 3x the average dollar amount and 3x the number of donations as their peers.

What Will Your Nonprofit Love About This Integration?

Boundless Fundraising offers a powerful suite of tools that has a proven track record with hundreds of fundraising programs. It has helped organizations raise over $750 million to date. We highlight some of the app’s most beneficial features below.

Classy’s latest integration with Boundless Fundraising can take your peer-to-peer campaigns and event registration to the next level. With mobile-ready features and easy communication channels, your fundraisers can raise more money for your cause with a user-friendly experience. Here are some of our favorite features that your organization can take advantage of through this partnership.

Edit Fundraising Pages on the Go

The Boundless Fundraising integration with Classy allows fundraisers to edit the photo, short URL, story, and fundraising goal on their individual or team fundraising page wherever they are. This mobile-ready solution helps busy supporters find the time they need to optimize their personal fundraising page for success. Whether waiting in the grocery line or checking their mail, your supporters can use their mobile device to engage with their peer-to-peer campaign on the go.

Create Easy and Engaging Social Media Content

Social media helps fundraisers share their efforts with friends and family who are likely to donate in support of their effort. Using the Boundless Fundraising mobile app, fundraisers can easily share personalized messages with images and the event logo on channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Native Email, and SMS. 

To make things even easier, fundraisers can opt in to scheduled messages via Twitter and LinkedIn that are based on event date or fundraising progress. So if they know they won’t have the time to post on dates where they’re likely to have greater engagement, they can plan to do so ahead of time.

Encourage Your Fundraisers Through Push Notifications

Push notifications are a powerful tool for engaging participants. Using the Boundless Fundraising app, your nonprofit can interact with fundraisers through this targeted, immediate channel of communication. Push notifications help remind your fundraisers of important dates or even motivate them to keep spreading the message to meet their goals.

Recruit and Encourage Fundraising Teams

Within the Boundless Fundraising app, team captains have the ability to send recruitment messages to people they want on their fundraising team, edit their team names, and monitor their team members’ activities to see how they’re performing against their fundraising goal. Team captains can also contact specific team members or the entire team via email to update and motivate everyone.

Upload Checks Through Mobile Check Deposit

Donations by check can be challenging to keep track of when running a campaign. The Boundless Fundraising app has a feature similar to many mobile banking apps that allows fundraisers to upload checks on the spot as offline donations. 

This feature uses a smartphone’s camera to scan the check. Not only does this cut down on the risk of lost checks, but it also speeds up processing times. Checks processed through mobile deposit typically show up in your nonprofit’s bank account within 24 to 48 hours.

Engage Participants Through Fitness Tracking

Boundless Fundraising includes an integration with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Strava to offer fitness activity tracking. This functionality can engage participants through a leaderboard style competition, providing new engagement metrics aside from fundraising. 

While the Boundless Fundraising app supports this fitness tracking functionality, it’s important to note that the data does not integrate with Classy and there is no fitness tracking visualization added to participants’ Classy fundraising page. However, users can choose to manually add their fitness data to updates made directly on their Classy campaign page. This provides users with content that can continue to encourage donations from friends and family who are following along.

How Can Your Nonprofit Get Started With Boundless Fundraising?

If you want to learn more about Boundless Fundraising and how it integrates to Classy, fill out the form linked below to connect with the Boundless Fundraising team at Charity Dynamics. 

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Classy + Facebook: A Guide to Boosting Fundraiser Retention

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