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Introducing the Classy Resource Center


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Rachele Aidala is the Senior Customer Education Manager at Classy, and she loves all things fundraising and nonprofits. She works to empower organizations with the insights, tactics, and best practices they need to master their online fundraising.

At Classy, we want fundraising to be easy for you and your team. And your fundraising software shouldn’t hold you back—it should empower you to succeed.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Resource Center, which we think will make using Classy easier than ever. At a glance, the Resource Center brings relevant support articles, product walkthroughs, and feature announcements inside the product so it’s there right when you want it.

Below, we’ll walk you through what inspired our new Resource Center and how we brought it to life. Then, we’ll dig into what the new tools are and how they can help your organization.

Why Did We Choose to Invest In This?

As we develop new products and features at Classy, we’re always working to give you time back in your day so you can focus on what’s most important. While we pride ourselves on the support our Care team provides, we know you don’t always have the time to get in touch with them or wait for an answer.

With the new Resource Center, you’ll have more on-demand support options so that you can quickly find answers and move at your own pace. Now, you can master your fundraising software, feel confident in your work, and reach your fundraising goals all from within Classy itself.

The Evolution of Classy’s Support Tools

When we made the decision to invest in better customer support experiences for you, we began with an audit of our existing resources. To start, we interviewed fifteen different organizations so that we could hear directly from you about your relationship with our tools like the Support Center and The Classy Blog.

Some organizations weren’t aware of these resources at all, while others shared that they hadn’t had the time to explore them. As a result, they sometimes felt lost and unsure if they were taking the right steps to get the most out of the platform.

The need for immediate help was echoed in each conversation. For some organizations, that meant quick access to technical documentation for navigating the site. Others said they wanted help that’s more visually illustrative through the process.

I know what to look for in the help center because I’m familiar with the terminology. For someone new, it would be great if the dashboard could guide the individual using creative pop-up modals illustrating how to get started and what to expect. Another nice to have would be the option to toggle on/off the dashboard feature.

Martin Quessenberry

Director of Digital Projects & Innovation at Shriners Hospitals for Children

The New Support Center

With those learnings in hand, we started the process of overhauling our support tools.

In the spirit of creating a more powerful, flexible platform, we migrated to Salesforce Communities to host our new Support Center. This transition enabled us to quickly bring you an improved experience while also building out new dynamic functionality in the background.

With our support content migrated over to Salesforce, we began a full rewrite of our help documentation. Our team added a feedback tool within each support article as well. This way, you can let us know directly whether an article is helpful or how we could improve it.

In-App Contextual Help

During our interviews with Classy customers, we learned it was sometimes hard to find the right documentation or navigate to the best resources. So, we turned our attention to pulling the new help content inside the Classy platform to make it easily accessible through your dashboard. Now, you can open the Resource Center from anywhere in Classy and see suggested support articles related to the page you’re on.

Switching back and forth between different apps, browser tabs, and web pages can kill productivity. By making articles available on the page you’re working in, you won’t have to leave to search for help. You can also feel confident knowing you’re finding the most relevant information.

In-Product Onboarding

Finally, we spoke with customers about their experiences getting started with Classy, setting up accounts, and creating campaigns for the first time. Those insights informed the creation of in-product walkthroughs and checklists designed to make account setup simpler and faster for organizations new to Classy.

Now you can see checklists that walk you through critical account setup tasks as well as guide you through campaign launch preparations. For example, it details steps to prepare things like custom email receipts before your public launch.

After designing these in-product onboarding tools, we then ran user tests until we felt confident they would help nonprofits. We spoke to organizations who just very recently started with Classy in order to get their perspectives.

This would have really helped me get started. It would have streamlined my time. I don’t think I would have made the same mistakes. It would be good for anyone, including even those who are tech savvy.

Kari Martin Hollinger

Communications & Development Manager at Arts Together

How to Make the Most of Classy Using the Resource Center

With all of these learnings put to work and the new tools now live, there are a few different ways for you to get support and make the most of Classy for your organization.

Suggested Support Articles

Now, you can access the most relevant support articles right from the Classy page you’re working on. Articles will appear in the Resource Center as you move through the product so you can review help content without having to leave the Classy platform.

When you’re on the Campaigns page, you’ll see suggested articles related to building campaigns. When you navigate to the Recurring Giving tab, the Resource Center will automatically adjust and show you articles related to managing recurring givers. You can also search for the help content you need and open articles in a new window if you prefer to view them there.

Quick Start & Launch Prep Tutorials

New to Classy? “Getting started” resources will be available to you directly through your Resource Center. For example, guided tutorials and checklists will orient you to your Classy account and walk you through things like previewing the campaign types available.

We’ll help you to select the best campaign type for your organization’s needs and then show you how to set it up by walking through important steps like making a test donation. You can rely on these product tours to introduce you to the new tools available to you and help make sure you’ve designed the best possible experience for your supporters.

Easily Contact Our Care Team

If your questions aren’t answered by our in-app help content, you can now quickly create an email case from within your account while you’re working. Subscription customers also have the option to start a live chat with our Care team.

Product Updates

Finally, stay up to date on our latest innovations with new in-app product updates. When we release new features, we’ll push notifications your way to let you know where to find them in your account and how to use them. You’ll be the first to know when new features are available so you can make use of them at your organization.

What You Can Expect In the Future

Now that the Resource Center is live, we’ll continue to add new features, help content, and product walkthroughs in order to help you advance your knowledge of the Classy platform. We’ll listen to what’s working for you and where you still need support. When you have suggestions or ideas, don’t hesitate to share them with the team here at Classy. We’ll continue investing in these experiences so that you’re empowered to make the most of Classy, reach your fundraising goals, and fulfill your organization’s mission.

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