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Classy Manager’s Top Features and How to Leverage Them for Success


By Meredith Kavanagh

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As more donors move online to give, your organization must be equipped with the necessary tools to steward donors into lifetime supporters, manage recurring giving, and make sense of raw data. Classy Manager is here to help you accomplish all of these tasks with ease.

Classy Manager is the back-end system that Classy clients use to create and customize their fundraising campaigns, manage their supporters, and access reporting tools. We’ve rebuilt the infrastructure with elasticsearch to sort, filter, search, and run reports faster than ever before. We also restructured the navigation to give greater visibility into what really matters to nonprofits.

The power of Classy Manager allows nonprofits to create, evaluate, and scale their fundraising efforts in one place. The streamlined and intuitive design will save time and effort, while the robust reporting features will empower your team to take a data-driven approach to your fundraising strategy.

First, let’s dive into how you can use our upgraded reporting tools to make the most of your data. Then we’ll go over the top features of Classy Manager and how you can leverage them to further your mission.

Reporting and Analytics

One of the most important aspects of a fundraising strategy is analyzing the information you have and applying those learnings to your future efforts. This includes everything from the efficacy of your donation form to the frequency that your donors want to be contacted.

Classy Manager divides this data into seven report templates which cover campaign and event management, supporter management, and transactions:

  • Transactions
  • Supporters
  • Recurring Giving Plans
  • Campaigns
  • Fundraising Teams
  • Fundraising Pages
  • Attendees

To prevent users from feeling overwhelmed with the added data, we also prioritized a streamlined navigation and UX-focused redesign that brings to light the tabs and features that customers used most often. Here are a few of our favorite features within the reporting and analytics section.

Segment, Search, and Filter

Across these seven sections you can segment, filter, and search hundreds of data points. Sample filter options include transaction date, supporter type (donor, recurring donor, team captain, fundraiser), billing state, and many more.

The ability to customize your data allows your team to evaluate your success by comparing performance to past campaigns, discovering trends among your supporters, and more—all of which will help uncover the growth strategies that work best for your unique organization.

The ability to customize your reporting also helps you design a targeted outreach strategy, no matter the context. Here’s one sample use case:

You notice that there was a data breach at one of your payment processors. They say it was detected before any harm was done, but you are instructed to reach out to your clients who may have been affected.

You can segment all transactions in several ways to create a list of donors to contact:

  1. Filter by the affected “payment processor” so that you can easily locate donors who may be impacted.
  2. Filter by date to find the supporters who made donations during the time period of the breach.
  3. Filter by activity to send communications to all online donors and recurring donors who were active during the event.

Once you have that list you can save the report, share the URL with your team so that they know who to contact, or simply export the supporter lists (with email addresses) so you can conduct outreach in a timely manner.

Personalized Reports

In addition to filtering by data point, you can drag to reorder columns, choose which column to sort by, or hide nonessential columns altogether to create a simplified view that presents only the information you need.

Whether you are an executive director or campaign administrator, you can personalize your report for you. This is part of the core functionality to robustly filter, rearrange the columns in the order you want, and add or remove data columns. The entire report is fully customizable. The cherry on top is the ability to save it so you can come back to it easily.

Jackie Lam

Senior Product Manager

Once you begin to create customized reports you can save them (they will populate in the saved report section) so you can easily come back and monitor the data you need without having to apply filters and sorting again.

Elasticsearch Speed

So now you have more data that you can easily organize, save, and share—but none of that would be helpful if it took 60 seconds each time you applied a new filter or navigated to a new tab.

Now, Classy Manager runs on a new infrastructure called elasticsearch that allows you to pull data faster than ever before.

By using elasticsearch, we rebuilt the technical infrastructure in a scalable way. Information is organized into distributed indices. Regardless of how much data there is, it will load in seconds.

Jackie Lam

Senior Product Manager

Campaign and Event Management

With customized design capabilities, optimized checkout flows, and robust, real-time reporting, Classy allows you to plan, execute, and scale your campaigns and events all in one place. When coupled with Classy Manager, you can efficiently manage your online fundraising efforts from start to finish.

360-Degree View

Let’s say you’re looking at the top fundraisers for your annual Shark Week campaign and notice that one fundraiser had thousands more in donations than everyone else. You decide to dig in a little further. Right from the campaign page in reports you can easily navigate to Tracy M.’s supporter profile and see that he’s not only created a peer-to-peer campaign, but also donated during the Shark Week campaign, and attended a Shark Week event. From there you can click through to the Shark Week campaign tab to view how his interaction compares to other donors.

In just a few clicks of your mouse you get a 360-degree view of one of your most loyal supporters. The usability of Classy Manager makes it easier than ever to manage donor relationships as well as discover new sources of inspiration.

For example, if you notice that Tracy M. had the highest donations with fewest donors, you can assume that Tracy has a network of generous supporters and could be a great person to help conduct outreach when your next event comes around.

Supporter Management

When you take into account the fact that individual giving made up 72 percent of total charitable contributions in 2016, it’s clear that stewarding your online fundraising community is an opportunity that can’t be missed.

As we mentioned above, you now have a 360-degree view of how supporters interact with your organization on Classy. For when you need quick data (think, on a phone call and can’t remember their first donation date) you can just check out the overview at the top of their supporter profile.

The overview gives you an instantaneous understanding of the supporter. You can see the total amount of their transactions, their fundraising pages, if they have a recurring giving plan, and their contact information. There is also an edit button so you can update, remove, or add information easily.

Recurring Giving

With the new filter features in the supporter report tab you can sort supporters by their activity with your organization. This will allow you to find gaps in activity and spend time and resources where you would have the biggest impact.

For example, if you find that a donor has made a one-time donation of $100, you may want to steward them to be a recurring donor by asking them to donate $10 a month. In the long run, they would be donating $20 more than the original $100 but it doesn’t feel like a hit to their wallet all at once.

There are also new tools that give you the ability to address supporter concerns in a timely manner.

You now have the ability to:

  • Transfer a donation to a new campaign
  • Refund a donation
  • Edit a dedication
  • Resend a receipt
  • Anonymize a donation
  • Change the processing date

For more tips on how to get started or optimize your recurring giving campaign, check out the Guide to Recurring Giving below.

Campaign and Supporter Management Made Easy

You never stop working towards your mission and we’ll never stop working to make your job easier. The Classy team is constantly looking for new ways to one-up our product, improve your user experience, and alleviate any stressors that take your focus away from your mission.

You keep doing the incredible work you do, and we’ll continue to do our best to support you.

A Quick Start Guide to Data-Driven Fundraising

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