New Improvements Coming to StayClassy

Some exciting new updates to your StayClassy account are on the horizon. To make sure you stay ahead of the curve, we’ve put together an overview of some of the improvements you’ll be seeing.

1. The Fundraising Tab

The “Events & Campaigns” tab is becoming the “Fundraising” tab (and yes, we’ve changed more than just the name!). When you click on your Fundraising tab, you will see a reorganized display of your fundraisers. Instead of separating your past, current, and draft fundraisers onto different pages (as it has been) we’ve consolidated the display onto one screen. At the top you’ll find an option to toggle between your current fundraisers and your old ones.

2. New Fundraiser Creation Process

A major focus of this release has been improving and streamlining the fundraiser creation process. Instead of four steps, we’ve reduced the creation process to just two steps. To get started you go to your Fundraising tab and click on “Create New” which brings up the three fundraiser options.

After you select the type of fundraiser you want to create, you’ll be sent into the streamlined two-step process. Step one is just filling in the basic information about your new fundraiser (fundraising goals, dates, etc).

Step two is the fun part- creating your own design!

3. Do-It-Yourself Design Features

When you get to the design step of the fundraiser creation process you’ll see a toolbar that looks like this:

This is the Designer that you can use to change the visual elements of your page. When you start making design changes, you’ll notice that the preview page will automatically update in the background (letting you see how your design choices look). Here are some of the things you can do with the Designer:
• Replace the StayClassy logo in the header with your organization’s logo

• Change the color of the header or include a picture for the background of the header

• Change the background color of the page or include a background image

• Change the footer color, or match it to your header color

• Include pictures and video on your page

4. Donation Page Customization

Another area we focused on for this update was providing more customization options for your donation checkout pages. When you create a peer-to-peer campaign, fundraising event, or donation page, you will be able to edit the checkout page.


Here are just some of the customization options you now have for your checkout pages:

• Change the page title

• Include a special appeal for support

• Set the default donation amounts

• Enter a preselected gift amount

• Set one-time or recurring donations as the default option

• Customize button text

• Include custom text in the side column

5. Employer Gift Matching

Thousands of employers across the country having matching gift programs for their employees. As part of the new update we’re adding a new integration with DonateDouble, to your Extensions section. DonateDouble is a leading online platform for employer gift matching. You will be able to enable DonateDouble from your Extensions section, providing donors with the option of submitting matching gift requests to participating employers!

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