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How Mama Hope Empowers Fundraisers to Raise $20K Each


By Chelsea Alves

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Mama Hope expects their fundraisers to bring in $20,000 each. It sounds like a heavy ask until you hear how they set up their supporters for peer-to-peer fundraising success.

The organization helps their Global Advocates—participants in Mama Hope’s Fellowship for emerging social entrepreneurs—achieve their fundraising goals by providing them with the right software, thoroughly educating them through a rigorous three-month boot camp, and sending them out into the field to see firsthand how their donations make a difference. Sixty Global Advocates have collectively raised over $1.3 million for projects and impacted 108,381 lives.

Here’s a peek into how Mama Hope kick-started their peer-to-peer fundraising success.

The Right Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Software Yields Impressive Results

Since Mama Hope invested in Classy’s software in 2012, their online revenue has sky-rocketed.

The software has empowered them to quadruple their amount of money raised online and double their new donors.

Since 2012, Mama Hope has:

  • Acquired 4,228 new donors
  • Received 4,991 online donations
  • Raised $571,352 through online donations

This is largely due to the software’s ease of use and the ability to create beautiful fundraising pages in no time, on which fundraisers can:

  • Give more context about the community and project they are fundraising for
  • Showcase a progress bar highlighting how close they are to hitting their peer-to-peer fundraising goal
  • Leave personalized thank you messages for each person who donates
  • Share inspiring photos of their constituents
  • Link their personal fundraising page to the overarching campaign page

Educating Fundraisers on Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Not all of Mama Hope’s Fellows are well-versed in online fundraising, which can make raising $20,000 an intimidating feat. But Mama Hope equips their fundraisers with the necessary knowledge to execute such a large campaign.

Global Advocates spend three months training with the Mama Hope team and previous Fellows to learn the ins and outs of peer-to-peer fundraising and best practices for soliciting donations.

We provide Advocates with a fundraising handbook with great examples of sample ask letters, how to run an event, how to reach out to your network, how to run online campaigns centered around birthdays…pretty much anything that has worked for our talented previous Advocates who have been really great at fundraising.

Katrina Boratko

Communications Manager

After their training, Global Advocates are then sent to the developing country they’ve fundraised to support. Here they meet with community leaders who have worked alongside Mama Hope to determine which projects will benefit their community the most. During an advocate’s stay at their project site, they get to:

  • Oversee the implementation of their project
  • Work with the community leader
  • Blog/vlog about their experience
  • Keep track of the progress of their program objectives

But these resources and training are not the only elements that help these fundraisers not just meet, but surpass their $20,000 goals. Learn how Mama Hope empowers Global Advocates to craft compelling stories that draw in donations, both during their peer-to-peer campaigns and on the field.

Activate Fundraisers to Raise $20K Each

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Learn how top nonprofits use Classy to power their fundraising.

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