4 Ways to Maximize the Lifetime Value of Recurring Givers [WEBINAR]

By Will Schmidt
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Are you investing enough time to grow and steward relationships with your recurring donors? They’re five times more valuable to your nonprofit than one-time donors, and The State of Modern Philanthropy 2019 puts for new data that proves you need to focus on this donor demographic, if you aren’t already:

  • One-time donors who become recurring givers activate their subscription 214 days after their first donation
  • Of all one-time donors who return to start a recurring gift, 25% go on to make another one-time gift as a future interaction
  • The average recurring donation is $150 compared to $113 for one-time donations

These data points show that your nonprofit needs to invest time, energy, and resources into growing your pool of monthly recurring givers. We recently hosted a webinar in an effort to outline strategies for engaging recurring donors, provide best practices for building specific campaigns, and showcase real-world examples of nonprofits who knock it out of the park. Check out the video below:

Make sure to download and watch the entire webinar to learn:

  • Recurring giving best practices to help recruit, convert, and retain more monthly givers
  • How to motivate someone to re-engage with your nonprofit
  • What goes in to creating a captivating recurring giving program

4 Recurring Giving Best Practices to Maximize Lifetime Donor Value

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