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New Release: Classy for Salesforce with Custom Contact Matching

The Classy for Salesforce application isn’t a newcomer to our suite of tools for nonprofits, but it’s been on a rapid upswing since it was officially listed on the Salesforce AppExchange in 2015. Ever since, our team has been working hard to continue to improve the app based on customer feedback and we’re excited to announce that next version (v5) includes the most requested feature to-date: custom contact matching.

Classy for Salesforce v5 gives organizations more control over how contacts are created in Salesforce. Previously, Classy exclusively matched a donor’s exact email to the corresponding record in Salesforce. Now, an organization can define what field(s) to match when syncing data between Classy and Salesforce.

Want to match a contact to a donor’s last name? Check. Want to match a contact to a donor’s last name and email? Check. Want to match a contact to multiple emails? Check, check, check.

Tim Gumto, the face of Dreamforce pin fame and Classy’s Lead Salesforce Integration Engineer, dug deep to make sure the new custom contact matching and sync lived up to rigorous requirements. “To meet the real needs of our customers, we had to build something that could work for any criteria, fields, or unique data set considerations out there,” said Tim, who regularly interviews clients to better understand the challenges they face and, in turn, is responsible for developing solutions that are elegant and scalable for the integration.

Today, organizations will save time and hassle, but most importantly, the new feature empowers them to have more trust in the donor data they receive from Classy and manage through Salesforce.

Custom contact matching adds a new level of robustness to the integration, but Tim won’t stop there. Next up, the Classy for Salesforce team will work on “relevancy” matches. That means contacts can be matched based on just a portion of information. Going even a step further, the integration will request the organization to approve the data as a full match. For example, Joe Smith doesn’t match Joseph Smith exactly, but future versions of the Classy for Salesforce integration will indicate a percentage relevancy match and the administrator can decide if they’re the same person to trigger a contact match between Classy and Salesforce.

With a dedicated effort towards the Classy for Salesforce integration, data seamlessly syncs between the two platforms to give organizations a 360 degree view of donors and their behaviors. Organizations can work smarter, more transparently, and more efficiently. When properly leveraged, these new angles of information make donor engagement and impact truly limitless.

To learn more about how Classy for Salesforce works, watch the video below. To see what organizations are saying about Classy for Salesforce and to get the product, visit the Salesforce App Exchange.

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