Crush Your Nonprofit Digital Marketing This Year [CHECKLIST]

By Meredith Kavanagh
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Whether your top priority is to double donation volume, increase recurring donors, or hold a successful event, effective marketing can help you reach almost all of your nonprofit’s goals. To leverage marketing efficiently, you need a holistic plan that takes all your efforts into account, tracks the results of your strategy, and then regularly measures the return against your goals. 

To help your nonprofit craft a streamlined annual marketing strategy, we created a nonprofit digital marketing checklist that includes tactics and tips for the most popular digital marketing channels. Whether you are creating your first targeted nonprofit marketing strategy or looking for ways to uplevel your existing efforts, this checklist has you covered.  

Broken into sections for email, social media, and SEO, this checklist shares best practices and tips for each of the crucial stages of a donor’s journey with your nonprofit. Learn how you can attract, steward, retain, and increase a donor’s commitment using digital marketing and fundraising best practices. We also include a bonus section for in-person engagement to make sure your team is ready to effectively communicate with both potential and existing donors in the real world too. 


Today’s consumer expects personalized experiences and immediate gratification, and donors are no different. Provide a great experience for your donors with stellar marketing, cohesive messaging, and regularly delighting them and you may have a donor for life. 

The Nonprofit Digital Marketing Checklist

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