The Nonprofit’s Donation Page Checklist [GUIDE]

By Hannah Durbin
nonprofit donation page checklist header illustration
Published May 10, 2021
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Your donation page is your organization’s most valuable tool. An underwhelming first impression or a poorly structured design can be the difference between converting a visitor or losing a donation. 

That’s why we’ve created this step-by-step checklist to help pave the way to increased conversion rates, revenue, and donor satisfaction. 

Use this checklist to cover off on must-have elements for your donation page, including things like:

  • Brand colors and logos
  • Giving options
  • Domain-masking 
  • Suggested donation values
  • Custom questions
  • Dedications

Learn how to engage your audience with a branded look and feel, concise messaging, and a seamless checkout flow, and discover how Classy can help your organization reach its conversion goals.

Here’s a peek into what you’ll find inside:

nonprofit donation page checklist screengrab

Download The Nonprofit’s Donation Page Checklist today to optimize your page for conversion and raise more money for your mission.

The Nonprofit's Donation Page Checklist

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