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Nonprofit Event Highlights From the 2021 Collaborative: Virtual Sessions

2021 Collaborative

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Published June 14, 2021 Reading Time: 3 minutes

Our annual nonprofit event has always been called the Collaborative. It’s only after taking it virtual that we truly understood the strength this name held. The Collaborative is about coming together to elevate nonprofit causes, investing in ongoing learning, and sparking honest conversations to drive our collective society forward.

2021 Collaborative

The 2021 Collaborative: Virtual Sessions was a nonprofit event we’ll never forget.

While our attendees weren’t able to physically see one another, they were in the company of thousands from all around the world. The unique and diverse perspectives of each individual attendee and expert speaker are what ultimately shaped this year’s event.

Now, we’re all returning to our organizations with fresh mindsets, actionable takeaways, and meaningful connections.

I’m impressed and inspired. Bravo all! And thanks to everyone else for fantastic ideas and collaboration”.

Natalie M.

2021 Collaborative

Collectively, we’ll all play our role in influencing a better world for the future. Here are some highlights of how the nonprofit sector and those who support it came together for a four-day virtual nonprofit event experience.

Nonprofit Event Highlights From the 2021 Collaborative: Virtual Sessions

worldwide attendees at a nonprofit event

A wide array of nonprofit leaders and fundraising professionals came together, along with attendees who brought fresh expertise from outside the sector. We welcomed back organizations who’ve been attending the Collaborative for years and were introduced to many new attendees for the first time.

2021 Collaborative

Our Virtual Attendee Hub gave attendees the opportunity to build their schedules and networking breakouts easily. Each networking session brought unique perspectives and a diverse array of experiences to the table for great discussion.

2021 Collaborative

Each attendee chose their personalized learning path with mini sessions targeted to specific roles and priorities, and virtual booths to visit in between main stage sessions. There was something for everyone to create their unique experience, and inspiring keynotes to bring us all together again each day.

2021 Collaborative

Here’s a snapshot of the inspiring quotes our speakers shared:

Lean into your passion and remember you don’t need to be an expert to build something or create something”.

Reshma Saujani

Founder of Girls Who Code and Marshall Plan for Moms

The challenge of being a leader and making decisions is having the wisdom to know what to change and what to leave unchanged”.

Gary Kelly

CEO of Southwest Airlines

We have to make sure we act. As freedom fighters, we have to be strategic and use our intellect to not squander this moment”.

Benjamin Crump Esq.

Founder and Principal Owner Ben Crump Law

2021 Collaborative

The Experience Doesn’t End Here

The Collaborative: Virtual Sessions happens over a four-day period, but it reflects the work we’re doing year-round to support the nonprofit sector.

This year’s theme was Together We Will. To us, “together we will” represents the way we seek to partner with nonprofits, learn from them, and grow alongside them to better invest in the work they do to address the world’s most pressing issues.

We’re excited to say we’re already working hard on the 2022 Collaborative: Virtual Sessions that will be held live in Boston. Until then you can always find new blog posts, resources, and support from our teams on the latest social sector best practices.

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Experience the Collaborative: Virtual Sessions

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