Use This Nonprofit SWOT Analysis for a Successful 2020 [WORKSHEET]

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Behind every successful year is a strategic fundraising plan. In order to ensure you’re approaching it the right way, you need to realign your focus to your long-term goals and evaluate where you stand today. That’s where a SWOT analysis comes in.

A SWOT analysis provides a framework for you to analyze your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, so you can create an all-encompassing strategy for the year ahead.

To help you get started, we’ve created a nonprofit SWOT analysis with prompts designed to help your team take a step back and ask the hard questions. Download it now to get a head start on your 2020 planning.

Download Now: Nonprofit SWOT Analysis Worksheet

As you go through, it’s not enough to ask, “What is our organization’s biggest weakness?” you have to go a step further and say, “Why have we neglected this area?” It also helps to think of your strengths as opportunities for growth. “We have great engagement on social media, but how can we move a higher percentage of those supporters to donate?”

Remember that a SWOT analysis isn’t a resume, it’s a report card. This isn’t the time to pad the numbers, it’s time to analyze your successes and develop insights that you can apply to other areas of your work. What has been your organization’s greatest success of the last year? Have you found any glaring holes in your fundraising plan? Share your insights with us in the comments—you never know who may benefit from your lesson learned.


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