The Nonprofit’s Guide to Pitching to Corporate Sponsors [AUDIOBOOK]

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Securing a corporate sponsor is a lot like attracting a new individual donor. You need to articulate why a relationship with your organization is beneficial to the other party.

The most effective relationships between nonprofit organizations and corporations are not only mutually advantageous, they’re also very intentional and thoughtfully designed. To stand out from the crowd and land that partnership, you’ll need to prepare a clear strategy for reaching out and delivering your pitch.

Adapted from one of our most popular guides, our new audiobook, The Nonprofit’s Guide to Pitching to Corporate Sponsors, teaches you all of the above while you’re on the go.

Download it now to discover:

  • How different types of sponsorship can benefit your organization
  • The homework you need to complete before you reach out
  • How to find like-minded organizations to partner with
  • What to prepare for your pitch and how to get started
  • The power of presence and what it takes to stand out

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