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Use Storytelling to Reach 56.52 Percent Year-Over-Year Growth

By Meredith Kavanagh

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With a complicated problem, there are complex solutions and we want to show that we’re thinking of plans that go from A to Z to eradicate human trafficking as a whole.

- Ellie Neilson
Operations and Impact Measurement, Not For Sale

This need for powerful storytelling led Not For Sale to switch their main campaign type on Classy from a general donation page to a crowdfunding page, which led to a 56.52 percent growth year over year. Of the organizations on the Classy 100, 24 percent join Not For Sale in the growth strategy of switching their main campaign type.

However, changing their campaign type wasn’t the only thing that contributed to Not For Sale’s growth. The increased use of storytelling across all of their communications, including their crowdfunding campaign, helped donors understand their unique business model and shed light on their mission.

“I think our shift to tell stories of survivors and their complex stories in a way that supports and uplifts them has been helpful to our success,” says Ellie Nielson, who works in operations and impact measurement. “We want our Not For Sale family to feel the urgency to take action against such a tragic issue, while also maintaining the integrity of the survivors that we work with.”

Using storytelling on a campaign page helps attract readers and incite action because the human element in stories evoke an emotional response. When you combine that with a crowdfunding campaign page that lends itself to those elements, you’ve got a recipe to engage visitors.

To learn more about how a focus on storytelling and switching their main campaign type landed them a spot on the Classy 100, check out their growth story below.

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Learn how top nonprofits use Classy to power their fundraising.

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