October Update: A Fundraising Suite Arrives

By Terri Harel
Reading Time: 3 minutes

There are too many new customization and design features in the new Fundraising Suite to mention in one blog post. A side-to-side comparison makes for an easy analysis though.

Classy's Classic Designer
Classy’s Classic Designer


Classy’s new Designer

Four short years ago our VP of Operations & Strategy, Sean Chisholm—then a new lawyer-turned-marketer—wrote a post titled “New Improvements Coming to StayClassy.”*

It announced, among other things, “Do-It-Yourself Design Features.” Nonprofits could magically:

  • Update the logo of their campaign page
  • Change the color of the header or upload a picture as its background
  • Change the footer color or match it to the header color
  • Include pictures and video on the campaign page
An excerpt of the blog post announcing StayClassy’s new design features four years ago.

That announcement marked the beginning of an all-in-one fundraising suite enabling organizations to create branded peer-to-peer, event, or donation pages. For the time, it was an exciting development and a welcome improvement to bland and generic donate buttons.

*Classy used to be called StayClassy  

Redefining “Do-It-Yourself Design”

But four years is a long time in the digital age. The design and storytelling standards supporters expect shift dramatically year-to-year.

We wrote about the new Fundraising Suite for the first time in March, but it wasn’t mentioned by name. It was simply a short post about an ambition to make campaign customization easy and accessible for any organization.



An excerpt of Classy’s blog post announcing the new Crowdfunding design tools in early 2016.


When we released Crowdfunding in May, we billed the event as the “beginning” of a larger project to reimagine every campaign type on Classy.




Crowdfunding established a solid foundation of new code and customization capabilities, allowing the product team to move forward with Classy’s most used campaign type, peer-to-peer. Last week we announced the new Peer-to-Peer campaign as an opportunity to design your movement.




That means:

  • The freedom to design a customized campaign landing page that encourages action
  • The freedom to engage supporters with branded automated emails
  • The freedom to get creative because a new set of tools can help you run more efficient fundraising campaigns

The New “Do-It-Yourself Design Features” (And Much More)

Beyond customizing everything from header opacity to page layout to breathtaking images, the new Peer-to-Peer campaign marks the arrival of a new Fundraising Suite that tackles common nonprofit challenges familiar to small and large organizations alike.

  • Brand recognition – establish brand consistency from website to campaign pages with more customization options  
  • Fundraiser engagement and coaching – save time and resources with automated emails that can be scheduled throughout an individual’s campaign
  • Donor acquisition and retention – tell more powerful stories on a campaign landing page and follow up with campaign-related emails, right through Classy
  • Transparency – tell donors how their contributions benefit your cause with unlimited Impact Levels

A Comprehensive Guide to Peer-to-Peer

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