INFOGRAPHIC: Online Donor Behavior Stats You Need to Know

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Classy publishes The State of Modern Philanthropy report each year in an effort to surface insights that will help the social sector more effectively engage their donor base and create meaningful connections with supporters. It delves into topics like recurring donations, donor retention, the seasonality of fundraising, and so much more.

For the 2020 report, our team chose to deconstruct the online donor journey and answer questions like:

  • Where does traffic to your Classy pages come from?
  • Which Classy campaign types have the highest conversion rates?
  • How much fundraising revenue comes from recurring donors?
  • What is the optimal time spent on a page to convert donors?
  • When donors return to take a second action, how and where do they do it?

To do this, our team reviewed over 6 million donor interactions facilitated by the Classy platform from 2018 and 2019. In the infographic below, we compiled some answers to these questions, as well as thought-provoking data points from The State of Modern Philanthropy: Deconstructing the Online Donor Journey.

This is just a handful of the information uncovered in the report. Download your free copy of The State of Modern Philanthropy 2020 now for even more insights into online donor behavior.

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Infographic: Online Donor Behavior Statistics You Need to Know

The data points in this infographic are a great starting point for any nonprofit that wants to build a stronger community of supporters, implement new strategies, and foster lifelong relationships with donors. Download the full report now for more key findings, thought starters, and a benchmarks worksheet to see how you stack up against the industry.

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