How Online Fundraising Revived Bread of Life Mission’s Success

By Ellie Burke
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Among our nation’s biggest homeless populations in metro areas, Seattle and King County ranks fourth on the list. In 1939, Bread of Life Mission (BOLM) was founded to address this longstanding problem. Through faith-based programs, they provide the immediate and long-term support necessary to recover and move forward from homelessness. Their services address basic needs such as food and shelter, as well as offer resources for faith-based recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Over the years, BOLM has had to adapt their strategy to continue to serve their beneficiaries successfully. By 2014, the advent of new technology had made it increasingly obvious that the way BOLM was engaging their supporters was no longer relevant. Their previous focus on direct mail was not producing the results they needed to thrive as an organization. In order for BOLM to not only survive, but grow and flourish, they needed to adapt their strategy and reverse the decline in donations.

While BOLM had a presence online, there was room for improvement. Their website was clunky and difficult to navigate. As more and more people wanted to engage with their organization online, BOLM found it necessary to shift their development strategy’s focus. As an organization dedicated to establishing local partnerships to better the entire community, BOLM was no stranger to reaching out for help. This attitude and openness toward seeking best practices from others led them to FOCUSED.

The Right Partners

To attack the new challenge of reaching supporters online, BOLM worked with Classy certified partner FOCUSED to reimagine their online ecosystem and craft the right strategies to engage their evolving community. With the help of FOCUSED they identified three major pain points for current supporters:

  • BOLM’s website wasn’t robust or user-friendly
  • Donors needed to create a unique login to make a donation
  • Non-mobile responsive pages deterred donors from contributing on the go

With help from FOCUSED, Bread of Life Mission hit the ground running, and in 60 days’ time they were ready to re-launch their website. The new website, pictured below, was easy to navigate and provided donors with the information they were looking for in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Bread of Life's new website design includes their online fundraising program.

With this redesign came a valuable opportunity to reassess BOLM’s online fundraising system and consider alternatives. FOCUSED felt Classy was a perfect fit to address BOLM’s pain points. They knew that implementation of the Classy software, coupled with the re-launch of their online ecosystem would provide BOLM with a long-term solution for success and scalability.

The integration with Classy’s platform allowed BOLM to create clean, distraction-free donation pages that match the look and feel of their beautiful new website. Now, supporters are able to donate quickly after reading more about the cause, the organization’s work, and their impact.

Just one year since implementing Classy, BOLM has had tremendous online fundraising results:

Bread of Life's Online Fundraising results from 2015.

In addition to their new donation pages, BOLM also ran a successful matching campaign on Classy and plans to run their first peer-to-peer event this summer.

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