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classy is b corp certified

Classy Is B Corp Certified

We’re excited to announce that Classy is officially a Certified B Corporation. We’re proud to stand with socially responsible companies that have blazed the trail before us, like Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, AllBirds, Lemonade, and many others.

Read more about our journey:

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Classy Is B Corp Certified

Classy Product Overview

Classy Product Overview

A look into the life of a nonprofit using the Classy fundraising suite. See how they put their brand first with easy to use fundraising software that allows them to elevate their donation forms, create beautiful crowdfunding campaigns, engage fundraisers through peer-to-peer campaigns, and plan multiple events with a consistent brand. Changing the world is hard, your fundraising software should be easy.

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Classy Product Overview

Optimizing your donation page

Quick Tips: How to Optimize Your Nonprofit Donation Page

To ensure that your nonprofit donation page is appealing, compelling, and optimized for conversion, here are six best practices that our Classy team recommends to elevate your donation form and engage more donors.

Quick Tips: How to Optimize Your Nonprofit Donation Page

La Jolla Institute for Immunology and Classy

La Jolla Institute for Immunology and Classy

Watch and learn how La Jolla Institute for Immunology leveraged Classy to launch their innovative and successful program to fund medical research. You’ll also get a firsthand look at their strategically designed crowdfunding campaign.

Learn more about how Classy can power your fundraising at

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La Jolla Institute for Immunology and Classy

Classy raised $1 billion

$1 Billion Raised on Classy

What can $1 billion do? See what it’s made possible in the hands of the thousands of nonprofits who’ve collectively raised $1 billion on Classy. To all the organizations, fundraisers, and donors who contributed to this moment: thank you for letting us be part of the journey; we can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish next.

Featuring some of Classy’s amazing customers:

All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response
Convoy of Hope
Days for Girls
Everytown for Gun Safety
Feed My Starving Children
Feeding Children Everywhere
First Book
Flying Kites
Invisible Children
Karam Foundation
Miracle Foundation
My Brother’s Workshop
One Day’s Wages
Oxfam America
Partners Worldwide
Room to Read
School the World
Shining Hope for Communities
Team Rubicon
The Salvation Army
Thirst Project
Read our full blog post:

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$1 Billion Raised on Classy

classy crowdfunding

Classy Crowdfunding: Design your Movement

Design Your Movement with the #1 Crowdfunding Platform for Nonprofits

Classy Crowdfunding is designed to make things easy. Bring your story and mission to life through beautiful, brand-centric campaign pages without a single line of code.

Make your cause stand out with a campaign designer that puts your brand first. Classy Crowdfunding allows you to build mobile-ready, customizable landing pages that are optimized to increase donor engagement. How? You get world-class design and engagement tools right out of the box. Finally, a powerful platform that puts your cause first and gives it the attention it deserves.

To learn more about Crowdfunding:

Classy Crowdfunding: Design your Movement

soft launch email templates

Quick Tip: Soft Launch Email Templates

Learn how to introduce and motivate your biggest advocates to get involved, and how to follow up with the donors that didn’t engage with your appeal the first time around.

Quick Tips: Soft Launch Email Templates

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