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Classy for Salesforce Helps Concern Worldwide US React Quickly to Emergencies


To eliminate extreme poverty worldwide


Acting with agility when emergencies arise


With Classy and the Classy for Salesforce integration, Concern Worldwide US is able to respond quickly to emergencies like the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Without Classy and the Classy for Salesforce integration, it would be a lot trickier to act with agility when emergencies do happen. The fact that we have our online donation platform integrated directly with our CRM is invaluable.

-Lauren Hacker, Business Operations & Systems Manager

Earthquake Relief Results With Classy For Salesforce (February 7 – March 13):

15 min.

to set up a new campaign


donors to designated fund


average donation size

Concern Worldwide US is an international humanitarian organization focused on eliminating extreme poverty. The organization has six program areas, ranging from emergency relief, like shelter, food, and psychological support, to life-saving aid for families experiencing hunger and malnutrition. 

Responding to Emergencies in Record Time

When a humanitarian crisis like the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria occurs, the Concern team must act quickly. Using Classy, they created an emergency campaign in less than 15 minutes by duplicating a previous campaign and customizing the emergency details. 

Concern Worldwide US Donation Page

For campaigns such as this, the team can add extra tracking capabilities like Google Analytics and Classy’s source codes, and then import that traffic data into Salesforce. Pass-through parameters automatically populate a user’s name, email address, and other personal details, making the checkout process even faster and more seamless. 

All donor information is automatically transferred to Salesforce, which the Concern team then uses to build reports, for campaign and donor management, and to dynamically engage donors. Concern segments their supporter base to send tailored messages to strengthen relationships and communicate personally, at scale. For example, the team can appeal to donors with pre-populated donation amounts based on their donation history and likelihood to give. 

For an emergency like the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, Concern has restricted funds that can be designated to the cause. The donor’s information is captured in Salesforce and easily imported into Concern’s financial management system.

When the earthquake happened, our major donor team came to me and said, ‘Give me a list of everybody who has donated to these restricted campaign designations.’ It’s as easy as clicking a few buttons to get them the information they need as quickly as possible.

Lauren Hacker

Business Operations & Systems Manager

All of these systems work together to create a smooth donation experience so donors can give with confidence. 

Planning for the Future

Next month, Concern is launching a new website that will include embedded donation forms, which, on average, see a 2x revenue increase.

We hope that embedded donation forms will eliminate friction in the donor experience while improving conversion rates.

Dan Rocklin

Marketing Manager

In addition to embedded forms, the team is looking for new ways to increase recurring capture, which the Classy for Salesforce integration makes easier. This will include mapping the recurring donation object in Salesforce, tracking it, and dynamically targeting one-time donors while suppressing recurring or major donors from outreach.

Specific to emergency donations, donors are automatically added to Concern’s CRM, then go through a series of seven emails over the first month of the earthquake emergency. Donors are then included in the general flow of communications. Coming up, the team plans to send out a dynamic email thanking them for donating and updating them on the impact they had on Concern’s emergency response.

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