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Feeding San Diego’s Embedded Donation Forms Top 44% Conversion


To connect every person facing hunger with nutritious meals by maximizing food rescue


Making its website donation process easy while keeping its mission front and center


Classy’s embedded donation forms kept the donation forms succinct and visually cohesive across the Feeding San Diego website

Embedded donation forms have been a game-changer to drive supporters to our website, with the option to give front and center on our homepage.

-Carly Matsumoto, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Results from Embedded Donation Forms:


conversion rate (almost 3x industry standard)


average gift size

Feeding San Diego is a hunger-relief and food rescue nonprofit organization in San Diego County, California that focuses on rescuing high-quality, nutritious, surplus food from all types of food donors, such as farms and grocery stores. It works closely with community partners who distribute the food to people in need. Serving more than 35 million meals every year,  Feeding San Diego is a lifeline for thousands of San Diego residents facing food insecurity.

Carly Matsumoto, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Feeding San Diego, is responsible for leading digital strategy, direct response, email marketing, and website management, with an underlying focus on data analytics. Every day at Feeding San Diego is different for her, from interviewing clients to building a responsive fundraising campaign.

Prioritizing Donor Experience With Embedded Donation Forms

When it comes to generating awareness around its campaigns and inspiring donors to give, Feeding San Diego has an omni-channel approach, leveraging everything from TV, radio, digital advertising to organic social, email, direct mail, to local events. The goal is to destigmatize the issue of hunger, share the work the organization is doing, and inspire supporters to get involved.

Once a supporter reaches the Feeding San Diego website and clicks “Give Today,” they encounter an embedded donation form. This pop-up donation form streamlines the donation experience as the donor doesn’t need to go to another donation site or page to complete their donation.

Feeding San Diego Embedded Donation Form

Carly and her team prioritize the donor experience by keeping the donation forms succinct and visually cohesive across the Feeding San Diego website.

Feeding San Diego’s most successful embedded donation form was on the Give Hope, Share Joy landing page. The page was converting so well that Carly and her team decided to drive all paid digital ads to that page.

Optimized Fundraising to Fund Its Mission in 2023

Looking forward to 2023, Carly and Feeding San Diego plan to double down on their efforts with Classy and embedded donation forms, which is the feature the team is most excited about utilizing in the year ahead.

The fundraising we accomplish with Classy’s help powers our work in ensuring children, families, and seniors in San Diego County have access to free, nutritious food.

Carly Matsumoto

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

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