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God’s Love We Deliver Increased Donation Volume by 15% YoY with Classy and Delivered 30% More Meals


To improve the health and well-being of people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other serious illnesses by alleviating hunger and malnutrition


Find a fundraising solution to make it easy for supporters to give, increase funds raised, and, in turn, feed more clients


Classy’s comprehensive fundraising suite accelerates fundraising by streamlining giving, tapping into supporters’ networks and understanding donor behavior

At God’s Love We Deliver, we were looking for a tool that was turnkey for our team working on the campaigns day-to-day and our donors who are looking for a fast, efficient way to make an impact. Classy ticked all of our boxes.

– Emmett Findley, Director of Marketing & Communications

God’s Love We Deliver’s Results on Classy:


peer-to-peer conversion rate


YoY increase in donation volume


YoY increase in online giving at year-end

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Finding a Tool to Accelerate Fundraising

For the tens of thousands of New Yorkers living with severe and chronic illnesses, going to the grocery store and cooking for themselves is near impossible. God’s Love We Deliver cooks and home-delivers 13,000 medically tailored meals every weekday free of charge, feeding not only the clients but their caregivers and all children in the household.

Because God’s Love We Deliver relies on the generosity of their supporters to fund their mission, it was critical to find a technology partner that optimizes multiple facets of fundraising. 

With Classy, the team now works more efficiently across all departments, saving much-needed time that can be put toward more mission-critical activities. Thanks to the centralized repository of information and tools on the Classy platform, any team member can find what they’re looking for, whether it’s building a corporate partner’s donation page, planning an event, or looking for a report.

Classy’s comprehensive fundraising suite empowers God’s Love We Deliver to appeal to every type of supporter by giving them opportunities to engage and advocate on their terms. With several support options that match the organization’s branding,  individuals can choose a campaign type that reflects who they are as a supporter:

Classy is a big reason that we’ve had the fundraising success we’ve had. We have the flexibility to choose the fundraising types that suit our campaigns and have robust reporting to back it up.

Emmett Findley

Director of Marketing & Communications

Not only did Classy help God’s Love We Deliver streamline its back-end process and offer multiple ways to connect with supporters, the organization also leveraged the platform’s simplified donor experience and wide selection of payment options, like credit cards, Venmo, and digital wallets. This led to not only an increase in the number of donors and conversion rate, it enabled the team to create more impact toward its mission. God’s Love We Deliver has accelerated its fundraising and, as a result, was able to grow from 30 million meals delivered to 35 million meals delivered in record time.

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Making Giving Faster with Embedded Donation Forms

God’s Love We Deliver is constantly adopting Classy’s newest features, one of which is embedded donation forms. Removing multiple steps to complete a donation without ever leaving the page removes friction from the entire giving experience, which is a win-win for God’s Love We Deliver and its supporters. These forms routinely see 2x the industry standard conversion rate.

Going one step further, website nudges display reminders to supporters who abandon their donation before completion or encourage donors to upgrade to a recurring gift.

Everybody’s busy and wants to donate on their phone. Classy’s embedded donation forms allow people to do just that.

Emmett Findley

Director of Marketing & Communications

Learn More about Embedded Donation Forms

Tapping into Your Supporters’ Networks with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

God’s Love We Deliver connects with the community throughout the year, hosting events where supporters can participate and fundraise on the side, asking friends and family to donate to their individual campaigns. Every dollar raised goes back to support God’s Love We Deliver’s mission and helps feed more neighbors.

Classy’s registration with fundraising campaign type makes it easy to host an event that incorporates peer-to-peer fundraising. According to the 2023 State of Modern Philanthropy report, 80% of people who give to a peer-to-peer campaign on Classy are new to the organization. God’s Love We Deliver can use peer-to-peer fundraising as a driver for donor acquisition and allow fundraisers to lean into their identity as an advocate of the nonprofit.

We’ve seen a whopping 68% overall conversion rate for our peer-to-peer campaigns thanks to the simplicity of Classy’s capabilities that make it easy for anyone participating in our event to fundraise.

Emmett Findley

Director of Marketing & Communications

Learn More about Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Understanding Unique Donor Behavior with Customized Reports

Creating campaigns and finding donors is one thing, but having the reporting to back it up—to see who your donors are, where they are coming from, and how they’re giving—takes the guesswork out of developing fundraising strategies. God’s Love We Deliver is a huge fan of Classy’s reporting function, especially of the customization capabilities, which help them better understand donor trends and make data-backed decisions.

God’s Love We Deliver utilizes source codes, unique identifiers that tell them where donors are coming from, whether it’s an ad, an organic social post, or a blog. The team also uses pass-through parameters, which pre-select the estimated giving values in each campaign link to react to the behavior of their donors and offer a more streamlined checkout process.

In Classy, I can very easily see exactly who is giving, how they’re giving, and from where—all at my fingertips. It makes things faster for us so we can keep it moving and feed more people every day.

Emmett Findley

Director of Marketing & Communications

Learn More about Reports

Unlocking Generosity to Feed More People with the Help of Classy

God’s Love We Deliver is growing at an exponential rate. In the past year, their donation volume increased by 15%. While an impressive milestone, there are many more people to serve and more work to be done, and Classy will be there along the way to support them.

We love that Classy is always rolling out new, innovative products that can take us to the next level. We’re excited to use Classy Live for our annual gala this year and are constantly testing out new ideas so we can raise more and help feed more people.

Emmett Findley

Director of Marketing & Communications

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