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Kesem Streamlined Its Giving Process With Embedded Donation Forms

Kesem Success Story

The Mission

To support children through and beyond their parent’s cancer with free, fun-filled creative programs and a lasting community

The Challenge

Optimizing website conversions while streamlining the donation process

Embedded Donation Form Results:


average conversion rate (2x industry standard)


average donation size

Kesem supports children who have a parent with a cancer diagnosis or have lost a parent to cancer. It offers free programs and services including its flagship summer camp, Camp Kesem, offered by the more than 130 Kesem chapters at colleges across the country. The Kesem community ensures that the children never feel alone.

Bree Turner is the Senior Manager of Team Kesem and Development Operations at Kesem, overseeing all data operations between Kesem, Classy, Double the Donation, and Salesforce. She also manages Team Kesem, which brings individuals together to participate in endurance events and fundraise for their cause. 

Making Donating Easier With Embedded Donation Forms

Bree and team wanted a way to streamline the donation process on the Kesem website. Starting from Giving Tuesday 2022, a pop-up donation form was implemented on the Kesem homepage. 

With a pop-up donation form, supporters don’t need to leave the Kesem website and in as few clicks as possible, they are able to choose their donation amount, frequency, and preferred payment method to make it easier (and faster) to donate. 

With a conversion rate twice the industry standard on their embedded donation form, Kesem has seen a huge uptick in donations by $214k from Giving Tuesday to year-end compared to the same period the previous year.

Kesem Embedded Donation Forms

To further their impact, Kesem has integrated Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro on its main donation page. Supporters can identify if their employer supports matching, then the automated solution scans its database to determine matching gift eligibility and drives matching gift requests to completion. 

This is done all without disrupting the standard fundraising flow and has led to greater matching gift revenue without any increased operational lift.

The Future Looks Bright for Kesem With Embedded Donation Forms

Kesem is constantly improving its giving strategy to increase its impact and total donation revenue. This coming year, they plan to double down on employer matching through Double the Donation and Classy’s embedded donation forms.

They will also utilize additional donation form features to increase donation volume, such as abandoned cart notifications which encourage donors to complete their donation and recurring giving nudges to boost sustained giving.

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