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Lutheran Hour Ministries’ Fiscal Year-End Campaign Grew by 14% YoY with Classy


To share the Gospel with all who would hear and to equip other Christians to do the same


Find a fundraising solution that allows the organization to manage and amplify all their campaigns in one place and effectively communicate all ministry activities across multiple channels


Lutheran Hour Ministries saved countless hours and reached fundraising milestones faster with Classy’s fundraising platform and seamless integration with Salesforce

Classy has been an asset to our organization. Our giving pages created within Classy are more compelling and share our story with our donors in a personal way. This has caused our support to increase and more Gospel-centered work to be done at LHM.

– Emily Ott, Digital Fundraising Specialist

Results on Classy:


YoY increase in online giving during fiscal year-end campaign

1 campaign

used for multiple channels with source codes

Valuable time

saved by automating campaign creation tasks

One year ago, Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) found Classy after searching for a new online donation platform to help amplify their fundraising efforts. With Classy’s comprehensive suite of fundraising tools, the LHM team can now create visually appealing campaigns, offer donors new ways to pay like Venmo and digital wallets with the option to cover fees, and allow data to flow into Salesforce automatically.

Donors can now give exactly how they want with less abandonment and the LHM team can seamlessly manage fundraising efforts and get deeper insight into donor behavior. This led to a 9% increase in online giving year over year and a 14% increase during the fiscal year-end campaign.

Using Classy Studio to Raise More For a New Funding Initiative

 LHM’s multi-year funding initiative, CONNECT, aims to reach people around the globe with the Gospel message through digital engagement. This is the team’s first time using Classy Studio, and with the fast and secure checkout experience it offers, donors can give with fewer clicks.

CONNECT initiative fundraising page on Classy Studio

For more evergreen fundraising opportunities, LHM has established a consistent campaign creation process that works across multiple channels.

Streamlining Donation Page Creation with Templates and Source Codes

As a media ministry, LHM uses many different channels to reach its audience, including its website, radio, podcasts, email, events, and social media. It also has a call center for supporters who want to speak to a real person when making a gift. All of these channels link back to a single Classy donation website. 

This is possible because every campaign LHM creates includes source codes to determine where donors come from, which also creates an easy data flow between Classy and Salesforce.

We are constantly testing new ideas and improving our campaigns, which can get messy when it comes to tracking. With Classy, we can create one donation page and use source codes. That way, everything is funneled to one page, and we can tell exactly where the gifts are coming from.

Emily Ott

Digital Fundraising Specialist

With templates, LHM can spend more time writing compelling content and storytelling instead of hours creating individual campaigns and making sure the settings match in the backend. Regardless of the donation page, when someone makes a donation, that data is immediately sent from Classy to Salesforce.

We showcase our faith on every Classy page that our donor interacts with. They know they are giving to the mission and can trust us with their donations.

Emily Ott

Digital Fundraising Specialist

Now, LHM has all of the tools it has been wanting to create beautiful, compelling campaigns in minutes and reach supporters wherever they are. 

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