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Mobile Engagement Unlocks New Potential From Corporate Partnerships


The Mission

Prescribe Joy through programs that create immediate and measurable improvement to the mental and emotional wellness of young patients

The Challenge

Increase engagement with corporate partners by turning an annual virtual challenge into a mobile-friendly, gamified fundraising experience

The Results of Mobile Engagement Between 2021 and 2022:


increase in fundraisers and minutes tracked


conversion rate for completed donations


companies and 762 employees participating

JoyRX, the mission delivery of Children’s Cancer Association, knew the key to boosting participation for their 2022 Every Minute Counts virtual challenge was using innovative, user-friendly technology that would engage corporate partners. The organization achieved success through:

  • A mobile-friendly peer-to-peer fundraising campaign on Classy 
  • Expansive, on-the-go activity-tracking through Kilter 
  • Desktop-friendly tracking and a view into fundraising totals through Mittun 

The result was a 30% increase in fundraisers and engagement year-over-year.

JOyRX Campaign

The Every Minute Counts Event

The Every Minute Counts event takes place during the month of April to raise funds for the organization’s flagship program, JoyRx Music®. Participants track the minutes they spend on their mindful wellness each day—whether through meditation, exercise, or any other activity that contributes to their well-being—as they raise money to bring joy and emotional healing to children served by JoyRx Music.

While anyone can participate, JoyRx focused on engaging corporate partners and their employees to take action, particularly through mobile technology and friendly competition.

Prioritizing Mobile Usage

For their 2022 campaign, JoyRx wanted participants to be able to track their minutes in a mobile-first way for the first time. Through the Classy-Kilter integration, participants were easily able to use their fitness wearables and phones to track their steps and time spent, rather than manually logging information on a desktop.


minutes logged in 2022

Leveling Up Gamification

With the Classy-Kilter integration, participants also gained access to more gamification options like interactive leaderboards, fundraising incentives, Spotify playlists, and a library of over 60 activities to choose from. 

A new channel of communication also opened up with push notifications from JoyRx to participants’ mobile devices.

The integration further increased competition and employee engagement—and thereby adoption rates—by enabling intra-company teams. JoyRx set up one event for each participating company. The company then created internal teams (e.g. sales vs. marketing vs. engineering) that could compete and engage as the event went on, which increased engagement and tracked minutes. 


Top Activities Completed:

  • Walk
  • Mental Health Activities
  • Strength Training
  • Pet Fitness
  • Healthy Meal Prep
  • Elliptical
  • Run
  • Home Gym
  • Bike
  • Yoga
  • Flights of Stairs

Offering a Desktop Experience That Motivates Participants

While Kilter allowed for mobile usage and gamification, the Classy-Mittun integration enabled JoyRx to create a single landing page that aggregated fundraising totals and activity-tracking goals side-by-side. 

Individuals who preferred to use desktops to log their minutes could do so as well. All of these shifts enabled JoyRx to boost corporate engagement rates year over year.

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