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To Write Love On Her Arms Empowers the Next Generation of Donors with Classy’s Fundraising Tools


To present hope and find help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide


Create a giving experience that resonates with younger generations of donors and connects them to the mission


Classy’s fundraising solution allows TWLOHA to manage multiple campaign types and enables young donors to give the way they want across the channels they interact with

After over 7 years, we still find that Classy is the best all-around solution. The beautiful thing about Classy is that we can build the type of donation experience that our supporters want, as well as our fundraisers, who are like mini marketers for our brand.

– Kathryn Baccash, Head of Communications and Digital Marketing at TWLOHA

The Results:


of total donors are Millennial or Gen Z


of Gen Z supporters are recurring donors


of online donation volume on Classy last year was from P2P, a popular Gen Z fundraising tool

Building Engaged Online Communities 

As we know, younger generations spend more time online and on social media. Gen Z, especially, engages on these platforms to find and build community. 

By sharing helpful resources and dedicated content meant to connect and engage a young audience with messages of hope, To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) has built its social media platforms into an incredible online community with 15,000 followers on TikTok and almost 300,000 on Instagram and X

TWLOHA also engages with this community regularly by replying to every comment, which further instills trust and community because, according to TikTok, 76% of TikTok users agree that brands that post or reply to comments feel like part of a community. They go a step further by creating an open and safe space for Gen Z to have conversations about mental health and engage with each other through social media.  

Turning Engaged Communities into Donors

The engaged online community created by TWLOHA is then intentionally and thoughtfully encouraged to give and become financial supporters of the organization. TWLOHA does this by making it easy to give in ways that are tailored to younger generations, including prominently highlighting recurring giving options similar to the subscription model they’re familiar with.

By giving supporters the flexibility to choose how they want to give, TWLOHA has seen tremendous success, with almost one-third of its Gen Z supporters making recurring donations. It’s proven that when Gen Z feels passionate about a cause, they are 53% more likely to repeat a donation.

TWLOHA Landing Page with Multiple Options to Give

Let Younger Donors Take Action on Your Behalf

The 2022 Why America Gives report found that next-gen donors are 3X as likely to advocate on an organization’s behalf compared to older generations and 2.7X as likely to host an individual fundraising page on behalf of an organization they support. 

From annual suicide prevention campaigns like “You Are Not A Burden” and “The World Is Not Better Without You” that remove the stigma of asking for help to marathons and independently hosted events, TWLOHA takes advantage of this intent and equips young supporters to raise money on its behalf. 

With Classy’s robust peer-to-peer fundraising tools and the Classy for Facebook Integration, which seamlessly integrates Classy fundraising pages to Facebook, donors can tap into their diverse networks across social media and raise funds for the community they care so much about. Last year, over 60% of TWLOHA’s online donation volume was from peer-to-peer fundraising.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Page

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