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World Changers Church International Saves Valuable Time with Classy and Salesforce


To bring together the energies, talents, and abilities of people anointed for service to operate in excellence and professionalism in a Christ-centered environment


Manage all Church-related activities in one place and easily make accurate, data-informed decisions


Classy and Salesforce’s single source of truth saves World Changers time and gives them the confidence to communicate effectively with constituents and donors

When most people hear Salesforce, they see dollar signs. I wanted to look at the numbers and see how much we were spending on multiple platforms. Once we started adding everything up, we found that we would actually be saving money by moving over to Salesforce.

– Vernon Harrison, Chief Executive Officer

Results after two months on Classy:

Valuable time

saved per month training staff and compiling reports

Near real-time sync

with Classy for Salesforce drives actionable value

A Single Source of Truth with Salesforce and Classy

With the upcoming retirement of its former fundraising solution and a few persistent donation processing issues, World Changers Church International decided to look for a more reliable fundraising platform that integrated seamlessly with its CRM, Salesforce.

Not only did Classy come highly recommended by an integration partner and point of contact at Salesforce, but the native integration with Salesforce, world-class support, and consistent innovation sealed the deal for World Changers.

The Power of Salesforce and Classy’s Comprehensive Fundraising Suite

World Changers wanted one tool for the management of constituents, churches, fellowships, services, volunteers, groups, fundraising, and accounting efforts. Even further, they wanted a 360-degree view of all constituent activity, with reporting and metrics to help make data-informed decisions easier. That was exactly what the Salesforce and Classy integration delivered.

For example, what previously would have taken at least a day for a PayPal donation to populate on a Salesforce record is now immediate. This brings relief and time-savings to the World Changers team because they can immediately see donations coming in.

With Classy for Salesforce, I don’t have to rely on someone to give me the information. I can go into my dashboards and find what I’m looking for with the click of a button. I can easily pivot and make real-time decisions based on accurate information a lot faster than before.

Vernon Harrison

Chief Executive Officer

Segmenting and Personalizing Constituent Journeys

One of the main drivers to getting Classy and Salesforce up and running quickly was to be able to speak as personally as possible with each supporter. World Changers worked to capture and flag more data points, such as gender, location, and age.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, World Changers can then easily target and send digital communications, such as email, ads, and television broadcasts, as well as isolate certain geographic areas by zip code for print efforts. This creates a well-rounded and cohesive experience for the recipient and makes it easier to communicate effectively and send out segmented appeals throughout the year.

We’re excited to spend 2024 going more in-depth into the capabilities of Classy and Salesforce to keep propelling us into the future.

Vernon Harrison

Chief Executive Officer

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