PODCAST: How a Would-Be Medical Student Took on Nonprofit R&D

By Tori Callahan
Reading Time: < 1 minute


“The bottom line is that a lot of what we’re trying to do means that we have to immerse ourselves and spend time with the people that we seek to serve.”

Renuka Kher is the managing director of Tipping Point’s research and development engine, T Lab. In the heart of San Francisco, Renuka and her team find and fund promising organizations that have various approaches to poverty alleviation in the Bay area.

On a path to medical school, Renuka’s life took an interesting turn after participating in a design program. Her experience in science, design, and local nonprofits has informed her refreshing take on the social sector. Renuka is a passionate problem solver, and this conversation will ignite you to be one too.

In this episode, Renuka talks about:

  • How she went from a would-be medical student to a thought leader in the social sector
  • What R&D means to nonprofits and how to invest in it
  • What makes a “promising organization”
  • Where she hopes nonprofit R&D will land in 5 or 10 years
  • How strong leadership paves the way for meaningful experimentation

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