PODCAST: How FEED’s Founder and CEO Grew a Social Business

By Tori Callahan
Reading Time: 2 minutes

This is the first episode of the Classy Podcast, a new weekly series that tells the stories of leaders and executives shaping our future in the biggest and smallest ways. Each week we realize the catalysts that defined their path, extract their thoughts and ideas, and share them with you to inform and inspire a generation that is mobilized to drive change.

On this episode, iconic female entrepreneur Lauren Bush Lauren speaks candidly about her early days founding FEED and the challenges and milestones that have defined her journey since.

As the niece of former president George W. Bush and wife of David Lauren, son of fashion designer Ralph Lauren, Lauren has carved a unique path of her own that has gained worldwide recognition. Among a number of accolades, her work at FEED has named her one of Fortune’s 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs in 2014, and the recipient of the 2011 Stevie Award for Best Non-Profit Executive.

“Every few years I give myself a reality check and I ask, am I best serving FEED and our mission appropriately? That’s the ever-evolving question as a founder.”

Lauren founded FEED in 2007 with the simple idea to create products that engage people in the fight against hunger in a tangible way. You’ve likely seen or even own her most popular product—the burlap tote that was inspired by the bags of food rations she saw being delivered by the World Food Programme in 2007. This tote, and all FEED products, are stamped with a number signifying the number of meals or micronutrient packets provided with its purchase.

Nearly 10 years later, Lauren and the FEED team have built a movement connecting customers to the cause, one bag at a time.

But Lauren’s true influence is derived from her captivating personality and down-to-earth nature that make you feel like you’re talking to an old friend who’s just as human as the rest of us.

In this episode, Lauren talks about:

    • How she solves for business and cause
    • The “aha” moment that inspired FEED
    • Her hacks on finding balance in a busy world
    • Why it’s important for young people to feel empowered to drive change
    • The early challenges of growing a social business
    • FEED’s exciting roadmap and upcoming products

    Also find how you can get involved in Supper, FEED’s largest fundraising event, which invites you to host a meal for the cause from September 16-October 16. Each guest makes a donation to give meals to those in need around the world.

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