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Product Preview: New Registration with Fundraising

Organizations familiar with registration with fundraising know that this event type is a good way to increase an event’s revenue. We’re excited to bring together the benefits of Classy’s Peer-to-Peer campaign with a brand new take on events to create the new Registration with Fundraising experience.

As we mentioned back in January, we conducted months of research and interviews and gone through countless iterations to bring to life a more intuitive, attendee-friendly registration experience.

New Additions to the Landing Page

If you’ve used Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer, you’ll be familiar with most of the Landing Page features. However, the team added new content blocks catered to events.

You’ll see a Progress Circle Block, which is a new spin on a fundraising thermometer, as well as a Location Block with a built-in map. Like the rest of the Fundraising Suite, these blocks can be hidden or highly customized, depending on your event needs. The goal here is provide you distinct spaces for event logistics and fundraising education.


Intuitive Checkout

Have you ever really wanted to buy something online, only to give up because of the frustrating experience at checkout?

Successful eCommerce platforms invest a lot in their checkout experience because they know getting customers to purchase from—and return to—their site depends on it.

The same goes for a registration experience. Your attendees deserve an intuitive experience that helps them easily complete their registration for your event. And, specifically for registration with fundraising, a smooth introduction to fundraising.

The new Registration with Fundraising checkout went through months of usability interviews with nonprofits so our team could learn from them and optimize the flow. In fact, the first sprint we held for the new Registration with Fundraising checkout was back in October.


Quick Attendee Management

Technology can’t solve for all of the challenges related to hosting an event, but it can help. Do you get phone calls from attendees who need to change an email? Transfer a ticket? Double-check their order?

The team brought all of this out of Classy reporting and into your event’s dashboard, so your events manager and development associate can easily search for an order, attendee, or fundraising team and edit their associated basic information.


Fundraising Benefits of Peer-to-Peer

New Registration with Fundraising will inherit all of Classy’s Peer-to-Peer features, which are continually being improved upon:

We’ll be revealing more about the new Registration with Fundraising as we enter the beta testing period. Check back here or subscribe to our blog for updates sent right to your inbox.

  • Very excited to see the new event platform. Hoping it solves the issues with invalid email addresses, having to enter someone’s information twice, and the issue with waviers being “checked” by someone other than the participant!

    • If you’ve used Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer, you’ll be familiar with most of the Landing Page features. However, the team added new content blocks catered to events.

  • Carrie Norry

    I am so happy to see these changes in place and on there way. Particularly, I am thrilled to see the ability to fix some attendee data on my own. Thank you.

    • Thanks Carrie! We’re excited about that as well!

  • Tony Sirna

    Will this include the option of making a contact for each attendee in Salesforce? That would make our lives so much easier.

    • Jennifer Orr

      Tony, I think that was the case with the classic campaigns already. New contacts were created for additional attendees, even if they weren’t the ones registering/purchasing tickets. The trouble we had was sometimes people would add additional attendees’ names but fill in all the emails with their own email address.

      • Great question! As Jennifer mentioned (thank you Jennifer!), we do create unique Contacts as long as a unique email address is used. However, we are exploring ways to allow for unique Salesforce Contact creation with Enhanced Contact Matching based on matching rules you setup even if the same email address is used. You can read more about the latest version of the Classy for Salesforce integration, which was released in March, here: https://www.classy.org/blog/3-reasons-upgrade-classy-for-salesforce-version-6/

        Thanks for the comments!

  • S. Steger

    Will you be adding a button to the checkout page where the attendees can cover the transaction costs?


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