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Product Update: The Classy API Gets Stronger

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Published March 3, 2017 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Almost exactly a year ago, we announced the new Classy API (now referred to as simply the Classy API). In January we officially retired the old version—which only read a single database—and closed the door on an outdated technology.

The team heavily focused on foundational work for new Registration with Fundraising in February. This includes efforts across multiple product teams, but all of it starts with the API engineers because they build the connections other teams need to launch new products or features.

How Classy Engineers Use the Classy API

Engineers work in small pods, specialized in one part of Classy like the Fundraising Suite, SSO (Single Sign On), our emailing features, Classy for Salesforce, and Classy Pay. The API connects these now modular items, so teams are faster and more agile. We are the Classy API’s first users, and it has propelled the entire engineering team to develop more powerful features for the Classy community.

How Other Organizations Use the Classy API

In addition to opening doors for the Classy product team, the API enables nonprofits and for-profits to build valuable products and features for their end users.

Lifewater.org, a Classy nonprofit partner, built a beautiful campaign microsite that used the API to track and display sub-campaign progress. Eric Stout, a web developer on the project, wrote about how he used the Classy API to drive more online donations through the microsite.

Mittun, a nonprofit consulting partner, built a WordPress integration that gives any organization the ability to use the Classy API for custom campaign thermometers, event listings, and leaderboards.

Stay tuned for how the critical, foundational work of the Classy API team turns into more features and services for your organization and its supporters. If you want to connect with our team or partners about the Classy API, join us at the Collaborative in Boston, June 9-11.

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Learn how top nonprofits use Classy to power their fundraising.

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