QUIZ: Who Are You at Your Nonprofit’s Holiday Party?

By Meredith Kavanagh
Reading Time: < 1 minute

As your nonprofit heads into the biggest giving season of the year, the holiday party can be just what you need for a boost of morale and festive excitement. As the eggnog starts flowing, your true party self is bound to come out and we’re here to help you find out who that is.

Whether you’re the one manning the spiked cider, or the wallflower who needs a tug to the dance floor, take the quiz below to find out who you are at your nonprofit’s holiday party.

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Don’t be afraid to let loose at your holiday party, but in the words of my wise coworker, “Somebody’s going to be wearing the lampshade, don’t let it be you!” You work hard all year long, and the end of the year is particularly chaotic for nonprofits, so enjoy your night and celebrate all you’ve accomplished.

Which persona did you get? Share your results with us in the comments!

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