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Published August 22, 2022 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Giving Tuesday is your opportunity to raise more, so your nonprofit can do more to keep your mission moving forward through the new year. Here at Classy, we’re excited to bring the social sector a go-to site of over 25 free resources. Take advantage of this resource hub to crush your Giving Tuesday fundraising goals and fuel that momentum into year-end campaigns.

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Get Ready to Raise More This Giving Tuesday

We’ve seen through Classy’s platform data that 10x more donors are acquired on Giving Tuesday compared to an average day of the year, and supporters convert at double the rate.

The potential for Giving Tuesday 2022 will only grow as more people become aware of the global giving day. We also see more nonprofits getting creative with fresh ideas to make it memorable for their donors. The donors you acquire on this day can fuel your fundraising efforts through the year-end giving season and into the following year as you retain the relationships you’ve built.


An Example of Giving Tuesday Success

Broadway Cares raised 153% more between Giving Tuesday 2020 and 2021 by strongly emphasizing giving the day its own campaign.

Instead of seeing Giving Tuesday as a piece of our year-end campaign, we created a dedicated Giving Tuesday campaign as a way to jumpstart year-end giving.

Sarah Cardillo

Deputy Director of Development at Broadway Cares

We’ve found the Classy webinars and checklists to be helpful as we strategize how to maximize our Giving Tuesday efforts and improve on what we have done in the past. The webinars offer new insights to keep in mind as we create and adapt our campaign. The checklists ensure that we stay on track and don’t forget anything.

Sarah Cardillo

Deputy Director of Development at Broadway Cares

Classy customer or not, we’re giving you our top resources to plan, build, and execute your campaign this year in one go-to site.

Get Started With 25+ Free Resources

What’s Inside Your 2022 Giving Tuesday Resource Site?

We make it easy for you to raise more with over 25 timely resources to create a campaign that builds excitement to attract new supporters and convert them to donors. Tap into your supporters’ desire to give and make the most of the  year-end giving season with access to:

  • Timelines, checklists, templates, and best practices
  • Examples of successful year-end giving strategies
  • Proven donation trends and predictive insights
  • Expertise from Classy Academy coaches

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Your Partner for Giving Tuesday

Thousands of nonprofits launch their campaigns on the Classy fundraising platform. Our powerful, flexible, and secure technology provides the features you need to move the needle with the scalability to handle your biggest giving days.  See how Classy can help you this year.


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