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Why The Salvation Army Western and Southern Territories Chose Classy


By Will Schmidt

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If you’ve ever grappled with the question of upgrading your online fundraising software, you’ve likely dealt with the many other questions it brings with it. Understandably, these questions can have a negative connotation since it’s such a big change:

  • How will it change my routine for pulling data?
  • Will this change disrupt our flow of revenue?
  • What if none of our supporters like the new look?

Give yourself the full picture of what may happen by also asking positive questions:

  • How will we manage the major influx of new supporters?
  • What new programs can we fund after crushing our online fundraising goals?
  • Will I be able to automate large portions of my manual workload?

When The Salvation Army Southern and Western Territories began talks around switching their fundraising software, the conversations weren’t always fun or easy to have. However, they kept pushing through the process and eventually came out on the other side stronger than ever.

Below, we briefly touch on some high-level information about their transitions. If you’re interested in reading the full story, make sure to click through on the blue buttons or the block at the bottom of the post.

The Salvation Army Southern Territory

The team at The Salvation Army Southern Territory began their conversations about the switch by focusing on needs first. What elements did they need to modernize the organization and capture an entirely new generation of supporters?

What started as an assessment soon turned into a strong directive for the future: it was time to upgrade. And after they made the switch to Classy, Piper LeJeune, the director of digital strategy and engagement, and her team saw massive year-over-year growth as well as increased engagement with the platform from supporters.

The Salvation Army Western Territory

Flexibility was the name of the game for The Salvation Army Western Territory. They firmly believed that future success hinged on keeping up with the rapidly evolving digital fundraising landscape.

Brenda Jones, the director of digital strategy, saw Classy as an option that could help them match pace with the changing landscape while also accounting for future changes down the road. Their early success on Classy validated this choice, and it also blew the doors for creative year-round fundraising wide open.

These are only small snapshots of the much larger processes the two territories went through to successfully switch to Classy. Make sure you read their entire stories around why they chose Classy, how they made the change work, and the major lift it brought.

The Salvation Army Southern and Western Territories

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