September Update: New Fundraising Suite Improvements

By Terri Harel
Reading Time: 3 minutes

In September, a growing number of organizations dove into new Peer-to-Peer campaigns headfirst.

  • To Write Love On Her Arms went above and beyond their fundraising goal for Suicide Prevention Day
  • Habitat for Humanity of Wake County kicked off a student-run experiential campaign to build awareness around affordable housing
  • Operation Supply Drop launched their VETOBER campaign so they can run programs that honor and support veterans year-round

Thanks to users who launched campaigns in September and gave us feedback, we’ve made considerable improvements to the new Fundraising Suite in the last 30 days. Here are four updates to be aware of:

1. Major Classy Mode Improvements

Classy Mode—formerly called fee-on-top—was released for all new Fundraising Suite campaigns back in August. By popular demand, users can enable a Classy Mode option that pre-selects fee coverage for donors upon checkout. Donors can opt out if they’d like, but organizations enabling this feature reported higher coverage rates among supporters.

Additionally, Classy Mode now auto-detects American Express and international credit cards, and calculates these into covered fees. This is completely new and only available on new Fundraising Suite campaigns.

If you were unsure about leaving Classic campaigns behind, here’s a reason that can increase donation revenue by giving more supporters an option to have 100 percent of their gift go to your cause.

2.  Simple Email Segmentation

Use simple segmentation to quickly reach out to core groups involved in a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. You can segment your communications into these core groups:

  • All Campaign Contacts: Selecting this group will send your email to everyone who supported your campaign, including fundraisers, team captains, and donors
    • Use for: Major campaign update or a blanket thank you
  • Donors: Selecting this group will send your email to anyone who has donated to your campaign
    • Use for: Major campaign update or a blanket thank you
  • Fundraisers: Selecting this group will send your email to all individuals with a fundraising page for your campaign
    • Use for: A campaign update, fundraising tips, or an encourage message or thank you just for individual fundraisers
  • Team Captains: Selecting this group will send your email to all team captains associated with your campaign
    • Use for: Any communication unique to team captains, like leadership tips, group fundraising ideas, or resources they can share with their team.

3. Fundraiser Email Notifications

Fundraisers now have control over the email notifications triggered by activity on their page. An individual is now able to toggle the following emails on and off:

  • Milestone Emails from the organization
  • Email sent when a donation is made to their page
  • Email sent when a comment is made on their page

4. Embeddable Videos on New Fundraising Suite Campaigns

Videos and photos are embeddable in more places, so you can add even more to your story. This update came out of user requests to incorporate a featured video on new Peer-to-Peer campaign pages. We took it a step further and enabled the feature for the About Block on the Landing Page, as well as on the Donation Page and Thank You Page.

Pro tip. Try embedding a constituent testimonial or a thank you video on the Thank You Page to reinforce appreciation for your donors.


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