The Simple Way to Coach New Fundraisers

By Terri Harel
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Congratulations, someone just signed up to fundraise on behalf of your organization. But how do you coach new fundraisers to success? In order to empower individuals to raise money, you need to nurture them. They have powerful fundraising potential if you:

  1. Educate them on fundraising best practices
  2. Help them raise their first dollar
  3. Check in on their progress (or lack of action)
  4. Encourage them to meet their goals
  5. Celebrate their wins

Organizations that run the most successful peer-to-peer fundraising programs and campaigns give fundraisers the support they need to succeed. Development departments must be proactive about peer-to-peer fundraising to grow this online revenue stream.

When Classy began considering how to reimagine peer-to-peer campaigns, it was clear fundraiser engagement would be central to the project. The Fundraiser Dashboard was born.

“What do I do next?”

When a fundraiser signs up, excited to fundraise, the first question you need to answer for them is “What do I do next?”

While we development associates and campaign managers want to give fundraisers ample attention, it can be a resource burden for the organization to address.

That’s why the Fundraiser Dashboard seeks to answer these questions right away. The time and effort it takes to coach a fundraiser on the basics can now be spent on more targeted and impactful engagement efforts, like identifying social influencers.

Here’s a snapshot of what happens once a supporter signs up to become a fundraiser and gets through the quick process of setting up their page:
coach new fundraisers

The Dashboard tackles one of the hardest things for a fundraiser to do: ask family and friends for donations.

Once the individual clicks “Ask” on the card, the individual will be directed to their Email Tab, where the template you set in your peer-to-peer campaign’s settings awaits them as a starting point the ask. Of course, the individual can always edit the template and add in their unique voice.

coach new fundraisers 3

If they’re still stuck, they can click the “What do I do here?” link to get further instructions.


coach new fundraiser 4

After the fundraiser sends an email to friends and family, the Fundraiser Dashboards again answers the “What do I do next?” question and suggests the fundraiser make a donation to their own campaign to build momentum.

coach new fundraisers 5

Each subsequent card provides another expert fundraising tip to help the fundraiser succeed.

Coupled with Milestone Emails, which can be automatically sent to individuals when they hit a pre-set percentage of their goal, campaign and fundraising managers can be confident fundraisers have a support system in place. The Fundraiser Dashboard frees up valuable time for staff to more strategically grow and engage your audience. For example, developer strong marketing campaigns or focus individual attention on nurturing power fundraisers and influencers.

Want to keep exploring?

To see what other coaching cards are included in the Fundraiser Dashboard, check out Classy’s new Peer-to-Peer campaign for yourself.

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