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10 Social Media Post Examples That Drive Engagement

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Published February 3, 2023 Reading Time: 7 minutes

Did you know 69% of Gen Z and Millennial donors prefer to hear from nonprofit organizations on social media? Today’s passionate donors are ready to take action on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, whether they donate, commit to volunteer, or reshare your nonprofit’s message.

Becoming more familiar with your supporter base through effective outreach is key to creating social media content that resonates with potential donors. And what better way to learn about creating engaging posts for your nonprofit organization than looking at how others break molds and put ideas into action?

Below, we’ll share 10 fundraising social media post examples that deliver impactful messages and give bonus tips to drive user engagement, connect with your target audience, and reflect on current events.

Examples of How to Ask for Donations on Instagram

1. Direct Relief CEO Showcases Donations in Action

In this Instagram reel, Direct Relief’s President and CEO, Thomas Tighe, creates an impromptu video talking to the nonprofit’s online audience live from a Santa Cruz County storm emergency response. Tighe showcases the emergency kits given out and talks to the kit recipients, demonstrating firsthand how donations result in impact. He ends the message with the simple words, “I appreciate everyone’s support,” which subtly and authentically calls on donors to continue making these solutions possible.

Check Out the Reel

2. Runway for Recovery Invites Donors to Give Recurring Donations

This Instagram carousel features a cover image that makes viewers curious to read on, followed by informational text slides introducing a reimagined monthly donor program creatively named the Always Dancing Club. The engaging post calls on donors to grow their support level for the organization year-round with an incentive of swag and welcoming language.

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3. Denver Rescue Mission Turns a Personal Story Into an Appeal

With a single Instagram feed post, Denver Rescue Mission puts a face to its work by introducing its audience to Robert. The caption shares Robert’s story through a quote he gave about a guest experience at one of the organization’s centers. Using an authentic voice followed by a clear call to action of “Please consider helping the most vulnerable in our community ⤵ Donation Link in Bio” is a straightforward approach to asking for donations when it’s most needed.

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Examples of Fundraising Facebook Posts

4. Eat.Learn.Play. Foundation Promotes Successful Celebrity Partnerships

This Facebook fundraising post leads with the impact Eat.Learn.Play. made in 2022, and immediately follows with its goals for 2023. The post calls on social media followers to join in its ambitious efforts by featuring images to showcase the individuals who benefit from its work. It also doesn’t hurt to subtly tag founders Stephen and Ayesha Curry in the post to generate a buzz.

5. Women’s Earth Alliance Invites Supporters to Share Good News

Another example of great Facebook fundraisers is this post from Women’s Earth Alliance. You immediately see a beautiful image with the words “Good News” that stop the scroll and invite supporters to read on. The post shares the news of a Time100 Next list feature and statistics that quantify the 2022 achievements possible when a community comes together.

6. Tunnel to Towers Foundation Advertises a New Event

A Facebook page can be a great place to share events, and Tunnel to Towers Foundation did just that to feature its Operation Deep Blue online fundraising campaign. The post shares compelling imagery and an opportunity to match donations in the caption, letting people know exactly how to get involved.

Examples of Donation Social Media Posts on TikTok

7. Many Hopes Shines the Spotlight on Its Beneficiaries

In this example, Many Hopes leverages TikTok to showcase short videos featuring incredible children with impressive dreams. Talking directly to the viewers, the post includes a caption that calls on new audiences to participate in these children’s futures with a donation. It’s also a good reminder that your ask doesn’t need to be complex when rooted in humanity: “Your support gives him the opportunity to dream big and work hard.”

Watch the TikTok

8. Special Olympics Maryland Puts a Creative Spin on Event Marketing

This is an example of an unexpected but fun-filled way to engage donors on TikTok. Special Olympics Maryland screen records a text conversation between “Beary White” and a recipient to ask them if they’ve signed up for their annual plunge event, highlighting how easy it is to use a mobile link to register in seconds. We love how Special Olympics Maryland emphasized the value of mobile-optimized campaigns and simple peer-to-peer fundraising.

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9. Feeding San Diego Highlights Voices of Appreciation

Allowing donors to hear from those who benefit from their donations is a powerful way to deepen their connection to the cause. Feeding San Diego does this beautifully on TikTok with clips of individuals who frequent the food bank, sharing how much it means to them to have this help. The post highlights the timely need for more donations given inflation and features a donation match in the caption to make it easy to take action.

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10. Beat the Streets Pulls on Emotional Heartstrings Through Video

This TikTok fundraising effort pulls a short clip of Beat the Streets speaking to its mission. The video flashes to a child who benefits from the nonprofit’s work and individuals who rally around its cause. Plus, the clip effectively communicates Beat the Streets’ message, so there’s no need for a caption. Lastly, the post adds relevant hashtags for expanded reach and visibility, potentially inspiring new supporters to get involved and make a difference.

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Social Media Fundraising Best Practices

Offer Shareable, Relevant Information

Nonprofits work on critical issues. As these situations arise, your audience wants to know how you address them. They’re also eager to share information with their networks to further the cause.

Remember, your social media posts are as effective as the strategy behind them. Follow the lead of nonprofit organizations above to highlight why donations matter now and the gratitude people feel for the timely support.

Take a Stance on Challenging Issues

As a nonprofit, your supporters want to know you’re willing to take risks to effect positive change. You can use social media to communicate your stance on challenging issues, initiate necessary conversations, and encourage your audience to join or support your cause.

Unexpected moments on social media are the ones that garner attention the most, so think about how you can take a unique approach to get your message across and showcase your personality along the way.

Provide Action Items

Social media users are hungry for actionable education. Consider using tools like Canva to create text-centered, action-focused infographics with simple templates. This type of content can help organically drive engagement by mobilizing your audience to share your content on their platforms and help spread the word.

The number of saves and shares you receive are crucial in social media algorithms, so create content users want to repost or save to reference later to improve your visibility. Just don’t forget to add a link to your donation site in your profile bio.

8 Canva Designs to Create for Free

Uplift Other Voices

During difficult times, it’s likely that your nonprofit won’t be able to address all the gaps within a community. Promote the other organizations doing that work rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.

With budgets to keep and fundraising goals to meet, nonprofits may encounter a scarcity mindset and not want to promote another nonprofit. However, elevating other organizations emphasizes your collaborative spirit and commitment to supporting critical causes. This can also be the perfect time to highlight your local partnerships and how these make your work possible.

Be Responsive to Current Events

Being prepared to promptly respond to big news and current events, especially related to your nonprofit’s work, demonstrates your organization’s attention to wide-reaching global matters. In fact, Gen Z is the generation most likely to donate to a current event.

3 Ways Nonprofits Can Engage Gen Z

Partner With Public Figures

Create organic opportunities to highlight partnerships with recognizable public figures. And even if your nonprofit doesn’t have relationships established with Hollywood celebrities, you can still partner with other nonprofit influencers to increase awareness for your cause. Classy’s Why America Gives report found that Gen Z and Millennial donors are 4x as likely to learn about causes from influencers and celebrities than their older counterparts.

Find the Right Nonprofit Influencers

Communicate Emotion Through Photos

Capture your audience by showing your beneficiaries’ genuine emotions.

If you don’t have an in-house photographer, search hashtags on social media that include the city you’re in, plus “photographer” (e.g., #sandiegophotographer). Look at the photographers’ portfolios that pop up in the search and consider whether their style aligns with your goals and mission. If the mood of the photos seems like a good representation of your nonprofit brand, reach out and tell them about your cause.

Allow for Lightheartedness

Nonprofits often communicate emotionally-heavy information. Help break that message up occasionally with something more lighthearted.

There are many ways your nonprofit can do this while staying on brand. Some fundraising ideas include:

  • Share a positive beneficiary story
  • Check in with how your social network is doing
  • Express gratitude for your supporters
  • Have an influencer partner give your nonprofit a shoutout
  • Share meaningful testimonials

Coordinate Your Big Announcements

Whenever your nonprofit goes to make a big announcement, whether informing your audience that you’re starting a new social media account or sharing the date for your next fundraising event, consider:

  • What photo will best capture the emotion of your announcement
  • How your social media campaign will work with press releases and other nonprofit marketing tools
  • What specific text (e.g., audience questions, beneficiary stories, thank you notes) you’ll use in your social media campaign to drive engagement

Simply put, when new donors engage with your page, it’s an opportunity to gain their support for your cause through compelling content.

Be Authentic and Compassionate

Especially during times of crisis, people want to engage with authentic content that’s compassionate toward their experiences at that moment.

Let your audience know how things affect you and your thoughts on the situation during that time. In doing so, you offer compassion to people facing challenges and communicate your authenticity to your audience. Your supporters will be more likely to engage with your content if they see you as an ally rather than a faceless brand.

Drive Social Media User Engagement Through Authentic, Creative, and Timely Posts

Modern social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram offer collective learning tools to capture conversations in real time, emphasize emotional connection through imagery, and tap into a crucial and growing youth demographic to enhance your fundraising strategy.

With an original and creative nonprofit social media strategy, your nonprofit can grow an audience and foster critical engagement among supporters. This community-building can help strengthen your nonprofit while simultaneously supporting several significant social issues.


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